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The Type Of Partner You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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When I think about all of my friends, I'm not surprised by the vast differences we all share. Each difference in the way we show affection and loyalty is beautiful in its own way, and no two people are ever the same. However, there is one thing we all definitely have in common, and it's that no matter how unique our personalities are, there's always someone out there who's our match made in heaven. If we're lucky, we also happen to be that person's special someone. If you ever forget why your SO is ridiculously lucky to have you, then the type of partner you are, according to your zodiac sign, is here to refresh your memory.

As a Gemini with a Gemini Venus, my brand of love is probably very unlike someone with a different set of placements in their birth chart. While long conversations, flirty banter, and sharing secrets are what get my heart fluttering, someone who's a Virgo with a Virgo Venus might be more concerned with acts of service, such as helping each other accomplish difficult tasks and going out of their way to do something beneficial for each other. Love works in mysterious ways and it reveals itself in a multitude of different shades. Your sun sign and your Venus sign are merely a few of those shades, colored by a light that is intrinsically you.



An Aries partner is down for anything, no matter how wild, daunting, or risky it might be. They live to the fullest and encourage their partner to do the same. An endless source of motivation and energy, their partner admires their fearlessness. They show love with great intensity and there's no way their partner can miss it. Their competitive streak always keeps their partner on their toes. However, constantly losing to them at games gets old after a while, and arguing with them is rarely ever a calm conversation.


A Taurus partner is never easy to impress. They have high standards that their partner has to work hard in order to meet. However, once their partner proves their loyalty and devotion, they're rewarded with a truly one-of-a-kind love. They're probably an amazing cook and give the most thoughtful gifts. They're the best at cuddling, give the most tender kisses, smell amazing, and have a freaky side in bed. However, they're also incredibly stubborn during fights and hold the longest grudges ever.


A Gemini partner knows just what to say to build their partner's confidence. An artist in everything they do, they plan the world's most exciting dates and the Gemini never fails to make their partner laugh. They loves their friends, encourage them to have their own life, and their intelligence is such a turn-on. Always with something interesting to say, conversations with a Gemini are essentially foreplay. However, their free-spirited nature can make their partner insecure, for they changes their mind easily.


A Cancer lover will literally do whatever it takes to make their partner feel loved, safe, and protected. Their nurturing instincts prevents their partner from ever having a bad day, and their empathetic attitude helps their partner heal from wounds they did not even realize they had. A goddess of the home, their partner appreciates what a soothing world they create for them. However, a Cancer's mood swings are not to be taken lightly, for they can go from joyously happy to seething with anger at a moment's notice.

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A Leo partner is a lot to handle. They're the liveliest person in the room and a force to be reckoned with. It takes a special someone to catch their eye. Leos shower their partner with more affection than they've ever known. They treat them like royalty, always making a point to brag about their accomplishments. They're so popular, being seen with them in public makes a Leo's partner feel like they're dating someone famous. However, behind closed doors, they can be the most dramatic people in the universe.


A Virgo partner helps their significant other in any way they can. They're the type of partner who makes sure they're prepared for a big event, help with overwhelming tasks, and does things for them that makes their life so much easier. Their partner matures in ways they never could have on their own while dating a Virgo. They're ridiculously thoughtful and always have brilliant ideas. While a Virgo definitely has a wild side, their partner might wish they could just relax and go with the flow more often.


A Libra partner never leaves doubt in their partner's mind that they're fully committed to the relationship. Libras are endlessly charming, ridiculously fashionable, socially-inclined, and their partner is so proud to be out in public with them by their side. Libra masters the delicate balance between being a lively extravert and a sensitive homebody, making them the easiest person to get along with. However, they hate conflict so much that they sometimes resort to passive-aggressiveness to get their point across.


A Scorpio partner is a perpetual source of intensity and sexiness. Their mysterious aura is what attracted their partner at first. However, getting to know them was even better. Scorpio is the definition of "ride or die," and would do crazy, dangerous things if it ensured their partner's safety and happiness. Scorpio has a perspective of the world that's infinitely fascinating, and making love to them transports their partner to a different world. The only downside to their fierce devotion is their tendency to get possessive in a relationship.



A Sagittarius partner makes sure life is a never-ending adventure. "Boring" never crosses their partner's mind when they're around. They're eager to experience new things with their partner, are ready to travel the world, and never afraid of leaving behind their comfort zone. Their partner loves being by their side as they explore the great unknown together. In fact, they can't even remember what life was like before their Sagittarius love came around. However, they're so "out there" that sometimes their partner wishes they could pump the brakes more easily.


A Capricorn partner makes sure that their relationship represents the ultimate power couple. They have ambitious goals in mind and will help their partner achieve their wildest dreams. Being with a Capricorn inevitably results in them becoming a more accomplished and responsible person. They have a nostalgic and romantic idea of love that transports their partner back in time, to when chivalry and courtship were the sexiest concepts in the world. However, they're such a workaholic that their partner might feel forgotten at times.


An Aquarius lover makes their partner feel like they're dating a mythical creature. An Aquarius is so unique that their partner knows they'll never find someone like them. They're wicked charming, hilarious to be around, and know how to work a room with their partner by their side. Not only are they a magical social butterfly, they're also a vast source of fascinating ideas and intriguing knowledge. Their partner never gets tired of learning from them. However, in their world, an Aquarius is never wrong, which is infuriating at times.


A Pisces partner is straight out of a dream. They never gets bogged down by real life, and infuse their days with a solid dose of fantasy that their partner can't get enough of. Pisces is so kind and sensitive that their partner knows that they can talk to them about anything without feeling misunderstood. Open-minded and soft-hearted, they encourage their partner to grow, change, and explore. However, they can be forgetful and easily distracted, often leaving their partner to be the responsible one.

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