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Why Are None Of The Hype Sneakers Sized For Women's Feet?


I have no shame when I walk into Nike Town and take the escalator down to the kids section; in fact, I have no choice. I wear a pretty standard size in women's shoes (7), and I've been wearing sneakers for a minute now, but I still can’t seem to crack my correct size. Am I a kid's size 5 or 6? Maybe even 5.5? What about in men's sizes? I think I remember a Nike employee telling me that the smallest size in men's (a 4.5 I believe) converted to women's size 8? Or was it 9? I don’t remember. Basically, if I want shoes, I can't shop from my couch.

These 5 "Classic" Sneaker Styles Will Always Have You Running Back To Them

When you really break it down, there are only two types of sneakers in this world. There are the trendy sneakers like “those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks,” a style that even Cardi B declares her like for in her Billboard topping song, “I Like It.” These on-trend sneakers usually have a quick rise to fame, and often their fall from grace is just as quick. The other type of sneaker is the tried-and-true classic that will never go out of style. These are the sneakers that you can wear into the ground without ever worrying whether or not they are “over.

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