How To Wear A Pair Of Sneakers To Every Fancy Occasion

by Bianca Valle

There is a common misconception that heels are “fun” to wear, that they ooze sexiness and femininity. That very well could have been the case a decade ago, but now, there is a new kid on the fashion-for-your-feet block: sneakers. One of society's more positive fashion evolutions is the acceptance of the sneaker as a shoe for any occasion. You can now wear sneakers to a wedding, the opera, and even to work. Not everyone should feel the need to wear heels to feel sexy or elegant — a sneaker can have the same effect, with a little perspective and some confidence.

I was never one to wear heels growing up; they were hard to walk in and made me think, who am I trying to go through this pain for? So I just gave up. I think that’s a fair argument. If you don’t want to, don’t! If you do, then go for it! However, squishing my toes into an uncomfortable pair of shoes just isn't for me.

In the past, the only “I don’t wear heels” options seemed to be a combat boot or Converse, but now, Nikes and Adidas have been thrown into the mix. HELL YES! With so much choice out there, it can all be a little overwhelming. That's why I am here to help you take advantage of the sneaker-wearing era and master the concept of wearing sneakers for any and every occasion.

A Wedding
Courtesy of Bianca Valle

A dress with sneakers is always doable. This combo is one of my personal favorites: a beautiful, long dress with some Off White sneakers. GO OFFF. Added bonus, you will be able to walk and dance the whole night away while also looking like a boss.

My rule of thumb is to make sure the dress and sneakers have the same color palette, which will make the high/low contrast of the shoe and the dress easier on the eye.

The Professional Environment
Courtesy of Bianca Valle

Now, let’s set something straight here. It may or may not be OK to wear sneakers to work, but if it is, be mindful of your office dress code and at least wear clean sneakers.

What I mean by this is, don’t show up in your gym shoes to work and try and play it off as fashion. We want to keep the vibes high at work so maybe a clean white sneaker or a designer sneaker is best when trying to close the deals with clients.

Pair your clean shoes with some corduroys and a smart blouse, and you are good to go! As much as I support the wearing of Hokas about town... at the office, they would be leading the conversation, not you.

Sunday Brunch
Courtesy of Bianca Valle

I truly think this is the perfect time to whip out your Asics or any sneaker really. Drinking mimosas with walking shoes on is the ultimate flex, at least in my mind.

I love a good, comfy moment on Sunday. So why not take it to brunch? No need to dress up if you don’t want to. Combine your sneaks with jeans that aren’t too worn out, with an oversized cotton t-shirt and you got yourself a fit. Or flex in a comfy coord set. The choice is yours.

A Date
Courtesy of Bianca Valle

The most important thing to remember when dressing for a date is to be yourself. If you start on this foot, the only way is up. Speaking of feet... wearing sneakers on a date is the move in my book. Especially if you wear them on the daily, why not show your true colors? My go-to outfit is a pair of straight leg jeans, some Nikes and a baby t. This look is simple and sweet, and sure to let your personality shine through. You can also pair them with an airy dress to strike that delicate feminine balance. Go with your mood!

Ultimately, it’s OK to wear sneakers for any occasion really. The key to having sneakers pass the dress code is to dress them up, and not down. Also, the cleaner the shoe, the more acceptable it is in a nicer environment.

For example, I have one pair of Air Force Ones that I rarely take out of the box, unless I am going to a formal event. Then I have another pair of Air Force Ones that I wear to meetings and dinners. Having this kind of stash isn’t really necessary, but you get the picture!