This Is Your Size In Men’s Sneakers

by Rachel Besser

There are plenty of awesome online retailers that offer a brilliant selection of women’s sneakers, like Naked, Voo Store, and even SSENSE. When you’re online, the world of women’s sneakers is your oyster, which is not necessarily the case when you hit stores IRL. More often than not, the men’s section in a given sneaker store will stock better styles, colors, and sometimes even better options all together.

So, the next time you encounter a women’s sneaker section filled with lackluster options, we want you to feel confident and ready to tackle the men’s section. Below, we’ve spelled out how to convert your tried-and-true women’s shoe size into a men’s size. After reading this guide, your chances of finding a pair of sneakers you love will increase tenfold.

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Your Shoe Size In Men's

Overwhelming as it may feel to you, navigating the men’s shoe department is actually quite straightforward. As a general rule of thumb, simply subtract two sizes from your usual size in women’s shoes. For example, if you’re usually a size 8 in women’s, try a size 6 in men’s. If you’re a size 10 in women’s, try a size 8 in men’s. Keep in mind that some brands will run bigger, others smaller. If you’re shopping brick and mortar, drop down two sizes as a starting point, then size up or down from there until you meet your match.

Shopping Online

If you’re shopping the men’s shoe department online, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure the e-store has a great return policy (preferably free returns) because you won’t know how the shoes run until they arrive at your door. Once you’ve checked that box, consider ordering two different sizes for a better chance at finding something that fits. Lastly, refer to the store’s size guide for additional help. Most e-comm stores feature a size converter that displays men’s and women’s shoe sizes in inches/centimeters. Translate your shoe size into inches and/or centimeters to then convert the value into your size in men’s.

Shopping Men’s If Your Feet Are Really Small

Let’s face it, some women have tiny feet, making it a tad more difficult to shop the men’s shoe department. The smallest size in men’s sneakers usually hovers around a size 5, or a size 7 in women’s. If your feet are smaller than a size 7 in women’s shoes, utilize the boy’s (often times called “youth”) shoe section instead. The same rules apply, so if you’re a size 6 in women’s, start with a size 4 in boy’s/youth. A word to the wise: If you’re ordering online, double check the size chart to ensure the sizing matches up. Some boy’s/youth sections can be mistaken for toddler shoes — a mixup you’ll definitely want to avoid.


International Men’s Sizing

As if the conversion from women’s to men’s wasn’t enough, figuring out your shoe size in men’s on an international scale can feel downright overwhelming. Before you get intimidated, take it step by step. First, using the tips above, convert your women’s US size into a men’s US size. Then, consult a sizing chart (again, most websites have them), convert your US men’s size into an international men’s size. See? Not so difficult after all.

A Final Tip

Lastly, don’t forget to take note of how your favorite brands run in men’s sizing. If, after this process, you learn that you’re a solid 6.5 in men’s Nike sneakers, the same will most likely apply to other styles from the same brand (there are a few exceptions to this rule depending on the style). Keep note of your size in men’s from your favorite brands, and you’ll be able to navigate the men’s section with ease and grace in no time. Until you know your size by heart, keep these tips in mind and always try things on! Good luck. You’ve got this.