10 Extra AF Sneakers (And How To Actually Wear Them)

by Terah Jane

Hey, do you often find yourself just bored? Do you open up your closet and look at your sneakers and go, “Meh.” Do you wish your sneaker game was just a little bit more... extra? Well wish no more friend. I am here to guide you to the sneaker promise land. Where the rivers flows with gold and silver sequin Chucks. Take my hand on this magic carpet ride as I show you a whole new world. Then stare deep into your eyes and ask, “Do you trust me?” And then you say yes and then we fly across the sky with our pet monkey. OK, I’m getting a bit off track, but just know that you’re in safe hands.

So, what do you say? Are you ready? I have rounded up some hella extra sneakers, that are super fun and will have your outfit slaying for the gods friend! So check out these 10 extra AF sneakers listed below.

Buffalo White 60 Soft Leather Platforms
Browns Fashion

Browns Fashion, $170

Meet the King of the “Chunky Sneaker." This is a very easy trendy shoe to introduce to your collection. White sneakers are very versatile, plus this shoe is padded and includes breathable mesh lining for extra comfort.

You can pair this with shorts/pants/skirts, the possibilities are endless.

Nike Vandal 2K LX Floral

Nike, $120

This right here is the perfect “Sundress Sneaker.” This print is an added bonus that is perfect for spring. The Nike Vandal is a light shoe and will go great with any light flowy bottoms.

Zara Adjustable Straps

Zara, $90

This is a great sneaker to add to your business casual outfits. The colors are beautiful and work great for office environments. If you're looking for an entry point into the “ugly shoe” trend, these beauties are the way to go.

Comme Des Garçons x Nike Platform

Farfetch, $351

This is a sneaker for risk takers, for the people who pour their cereal, milk first, and for the individuals who like their bagels bread sliced. This collaboration is a win, this sneaker is a show stopper, and you are bound to turn many heads.

RS-X Toys Women's

Puma, $110

The RS-X Toys have amazing colorways and Puma continues its streak of not disappointing its fans. If you’re looking for comfort, this is the shoe. If you’re looking for a retro look with modern details, this is the shoe. You can wear this sneaker with everything, no questions asked. This is the shoe!

Sneaker District
Fila Cherry Blossom Disruptor II Premium
Champs Sports

Champs Sports, $65

Another great sneaker for the spring. Fila sneakers are extremely comfortable. If you are a bit intimidated by the “chunky sneaker” trend, these are a good option to dip your toe in with. These shoes also go well with a pair of cat eye sunglasses.

Buffalo Neon Yellow CLD Corin

Office, $118

I love neon sneakers! They are great for summer nights and winter days. If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to put too much thought into your outfit, but you still want to look cool. Add a pair of neon sneakers.

Vans x Disney Authentic Gore Red Spots

Asos, $72

Where my Disney fans at??? These sneakers are perfect for street wear. The best way to rock these shoes is with loose fitting clothing. Oversized jacket or a loose pant with tapered ankles. These Vans are sure to bring out that inner child.

Zara Animal Print Pieces

Zara, $90

Another cute sneaker from Zara! The key word for this sneaker is color! Animal prints go great with color. Let the rainbow be your guide and have fun.

Air Jordan 1 High OG NRG "Aleali May"
Flight Club

Flight Club, $245

If you’re a newbie to Jordans, Retro 1s are the way to go first, then you can start to venture off. These were designed by the talented Aleali May, so you already know it’s a fly shoe and the colorway for these are perfect. Plus the fur is optional.