The 5 Celebs Who Really Know How To Rock Sneakers

by Rachel Besser

Fashion in Hollywood is really exciting right now. Celebs are dressing for themselves instead of abiding by strict social mores. We’re seeing outfits that are multidimensional, fun, sexy, and even unfitted (hello oversized, baggy jeans!). One of the best parts about the seismic shift toward dressing for yourself instead of dressing for others is that sneakers have become a viable shoe option for any occasion under the sun.

While there are plenty of women celebrities who wear sneakers all the time, there are a select few who really know what they’re doing (or have a really, really good stylist). From Rihanna, to Dua Lipa, below are five female celebrities with the biggest sneaker game. Use them as your sneaker guides, we know we will.

Bella Hadid
bellahadid on Instagram

It’s no surprise that Bella Hadid tops our list when it comes to our favorite sneaker-clad celebs. Bella is signed with Nike, but that’s not why she makes the list. We look to Bella for serious style inspiration. She’s one of the few people who can really make sneakers look awesome with anything — whether she’s in sweats, a party dress, or even in a swimsuit and coverup (pictured above). She has a knack for donning the raddest sneakers and has figured out how to look effortlessly cool while wearing them.

badgalriri on Instagram

Rihanna was one of the first to adopt sneakers as her all-day-every-day shoes. We can’t say we’re surprised, seeing that Rihanna has always been a boundary-pushing trendsetter. To this day you can count on Rihanna to bring the heat with sneakers (and fashion in general). In the above video, she gives contrast to a super feminine silhouette with a pair of sneakers. If you’re looking for boundary pushing style, look no further than Rihanna. If you’re still not sold, her eponymous line with Puma is proof enough that she knows footwear well. Many of the styles she’s designed with Puma have become major hits.

Kendall Jenner
kendalljenner on Instagram

If you’re into crisp, clean, minimal style, then Kendall Jenner is the one to watch for sneaker inspiration. Kendall does a great job incorporating sneakers into her minimalist wardrobe. While she doesn’t post a lot of outfit photos on her own Instagram feed, there are plenty of paparazzi photos of Kendall in sneakers that make up for the deficit, just one Google search away.

Dua Lipa
dualipa on Instagram

Although she’s been around for a minute, Dua Lipa is still an up-and-coming celebrity with on-point music and on-point style. Something to love about Dua Lipa is that she is a master at making super feminine silhouettes look extremely cool. In the past few years, a lot of the top trends have skewed slightly masculine (think suiting), so Dua is the celeb to watch when it comes to aptly styling sneakers and maintaining femininity.

Kylie Jenner
kyliejenner on Instagram

It wouldn’t be right to include Kendall without including Kylie, right? In all seriousness, Kylie deserves to be on this list just as much as the rest of ‘em. While Kylie wears a lot of heels, she’s also the go-to celeb when it comes to figuring out which sneakers fall under the can’t-find-them-in-stock-anywhere category. Plus, she’s signed with Puma (although the sneakers shown in the picture above are Adidas).

vashtie on Instagram

DJ, Director, and Designer Vashtie makes this list for two reasons. One, she’s been known as a celebrity sneakerhead for years on end, which means she has a deep understanding of the sneaker world, not just knowledge of what’s popular right now. Second, she frequently posts outfit pics, so it’s easy to keep up with whatever sneakers she’s wearing.