By Brittany Natale

Danielle Guizio is the New York-based designer that all your favorite celebrities are wearing. From her trending sweatsuits and blazer dresses to the utility zip skirts and bicycle shorts, a quick scroll through your feed will likely reveal a handful of her designs. Beyond clothing, Guizio is also using her platform to spread mental health awareness in the fashion community. Now in partnership with adidas Originals Nite Jogger, Guizio shares her tips for pursuing your passions and being fearless — both in your style and career.

Guizio wears adidas Originals Nite Jogger in Grey One / Crystal White / Grey Two.

“If you can push yourself past points you at one time felt were a barrier, that is when the magic happens,” explains Guizio. “Once you break down those walls, you’re allowing yourself to reach higher forms of courageousness and confidence.”

Enrolled in fashion business in college instead of design classes, much of what Guizio has learned about the industry has been impressively self-taught. “When I started, I did my research and asked a lot of questions to anyone who could help me along the way,” says Guizio. “I think having that thirst for knowledge and unabashed desire to ask questions has ultimately helped me grow, not only as a person but in excelling at my craft.”

Guizio’s curiosity for design radiates not only in her own pieces, but also in her evolving everyday style. Each look becomes her own, whether she is wearing a skirt set or a pair of grey sweats.

“Finding inspiration often comes without force, almost as if it finds its way to you,” says Guizio, “but there are of course times when I go out and seek it if I need an extra spark or boost to get my gears turning.” Her list of influences include the architecture, logos, and textures from everyday life, the non-stop stimulation of New York, and traveling. “Traveling keeps me continuously inspired,” says Guizio. “I feel as though being in an unfamiliar surrounding keeps my headspace open and alert, which makes me pay closer attention to the details around me.”

Still, Guizio’s proudest accomplishments are focused around raising awareness around important issues in her community. Last year, Guizio designed a graphic in partnership with a mental health wellness organization, where proceeds went back to the cause. As part of the launch, Guizio and her team created a video where individuals of all ages and backgrounds opened up about their experiences with this important topic. “I feel incredibly grateful when I can infuse my work with giving back to organizations or communities,” says Guizio. “Some of my proudest accomplishments are the projects that have greater depth and meaning [beyond] just clothing.”

The most important things to keep in mind when pursuing your goals, adds Guizio, are to shed your insecurities, not worry excessively about consequences, and to learn to let go of your ego. “Once you can overcome those inner obstacles,” she says, “you’ll be so surprised with what you can achieve.”