Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Hottest Sexual Soulmate?

Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Hottest Sexual Soulmate?

An astrologer helps you find your perfect bedroom partner.

by Jamie Kravitz and Mackenzie Sylvester
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There are a number of factors that contribute to good sex. Mutual attraction is important, but nothing beats when you operate on the same wavelength. Whether you're looking for a FWB who knows what you like, or you want an exclusive, sexually charged relationship, finding a partner who is sexually compatible with you will help ensure top-tier ~spicy~ time for the both of you.

But trying and failing to find someone with the same saucy flavor as you can be exhausting. Thankfully, there’s a much more efficient way to weed out clashing suitors than manual sampling. Taking your zodiac sign into account can make all the difference between a “meh” hookup and a rock-your-socks-off, can’t-get-enough-of-you encounter.

The two parts of the birth chart that are going to show how compatible two people are in the bedroom are Venus and Mars.

There is something to be said of the sun signs when it comes to a person’s nature in any regard, but when it comes to your sexual appetites, astrologers always emphasize two other placements the most. “The two parts of the birth chart that are going to show how compatible two people are in the bedroom are Venus and Mars,” astrologer Daniel Santos tells Elite Daily.

Known as the planets of love and sex, they are highly telling of a pairing’s sexual compatibility. “Venus is our sex life, what we’re attracted to, and our taste and aesthetic when it comes to sex and sexuality,” he explains. “Mars is the planet of desire, initiation, and how we go after what we want,” he adds.

To find your Venus and Mars signs, simply plug your birth details into an online birth chart calculator and look at which signs are next to Venus and Mars in the chart.

You have nothing to lose (besides your clothes), and so many potential orgasms to gain.

When any combination of Mars and/or Venus in the below signs come together, things are sure to get steamy AF. While these combos alone may not necessarily all point to a lasting romantic relationship, you can be sure the sex will be 12/10 hot — whether it be a hookup, FWB, or even within a longterm partnership, given the right supporting synastry (aka compatibility). You may be surprised by which sign matches up best with yours, but why not test the theory on your own? You have nothing to lose (besides your clothes), and so many potential orgasms to gain.

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Taurus & Cancer: Sensual Lovers

Taurus and Cancer are the soft, cuddly love bugs of the zodiac. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine sexuality, “They enjoy routine and sensuality, they want to have soft pillows, good music, and they appreciate a stable atmosphere,” says Santos.

On the other hand, Cancer is ruled by the moon. “We’re seeing a very nurturing energy,” Santos says of the Crab and its planetary ruler. Both signs want to be stimulated through all of their senses, and they are more receptive to the sexual experience as a whole.

They’re both going to want to draw out the pleasure of the experience as long as possible.

“They are [ruled by] the two most feminine planets in the zodiac, so when they come together, there’s a lot of comfort and intimacy and sexuality,” Santos says. Feeling connected and safe is highly important for both signs, which each can readily provide for the other.

To add to the spiciness, “They’re both going to want to draw out the pleasure of the experience as long as possible,” says Santos, “so this could be a very hot aspect to have.”

Whether you're a Taurus seeking a Cancer or vice versa, use your gift of intuition to your advantage. Make it your goal to provide endless pleasure for your partner, and they should do the same.

Leo & Sagittarius: Risk Takers In Bed

Leo and Sagittarius have similarly feisty tendencies. The two fire signs are both energetic, bold, and charming. “Leo is ruled by the sun, the largest body in our solar system,” Santos says. “Then Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is the largest planet [other than the sun].”

“So when we put Sagittarius, the sign of experimentation, up against Leo, the sign of performing and being larger than life, these two are going to have a lot of fun,” says Santos.

It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire. It’s going to get on and it’s going to get good.

Neither will be afraid to express what they want sexually and both will always be open to trying a new position or acting out a fresh fantasy. “It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire,” says Santos, “It’s going to get on and it’s going to get good.”

Sagittarius will never say no to a challenge — even if it’s taboo — and fierce Leo will encourage their partner to explore their sexuality in ways no other sign can.

Virgo & Capricorn: A Balancing Act

Virgo is the most helpful sign in the zodiac and also strives for organization. “It’s that Mercurial desire to get the little things perfected,” says Santos. But because they can be so controlling in their waking life, they’re often more passive when it comes to their sex lives.

You can have an amazing dominant/submissive dynamic.

Paired with dominating Capricorn? Santos says, “You can have an amazing dominant/submissive dynamic because Virgos like control but they really want someone to put them in their place and Capricorn has no problem doing that.”

Although the dutiful Virgo nature pairs perfectly with Capricorn's need to take charge, don't feel like you have to fill these roles. Capricorns also secretly yearn to be taken care of, and Virgos get pleasure from giving. You'll balance each other out in the bedroom, making for sex that always feels fulfilling.

Either way, both these signs tend to be low-key kinky AF behind closed doors, so essentially this is a match made in 50 Shades of Grey heaven.

Libra & Aries: Opposites Attract

Libra and Aries are quite literally at the two ends of the spectrum. The opposing signs emanate what Santos calls “Classic Hollywood couple energy.”

There’s masculine, dominant Aries, paired with feminine, sensual Libra. The two signs don't have much in common other than their shared cardinal modality.

The sex drive on both of these signs is incredibly high.

However, with Aries ruled by Mars and Libra by Venus, “This is a very hot match,” Santos says, adding, “The sex drive on both of these signs is incredibly high.”

Headstrong Aries loves to take initiative and hates being ignored, while receptive Libra is all about the subtle art of seduction and equality. These opposites are extremely compatible in bed and are another sub/dom power duo.

Libra loves to let their partner take the lead, which is what go-getter Aries is made for. But Libra will also help slow the excitable Ram down, pacing the sex out with intermittent teasing, so they can both keep going all night long.

Scorpio & Pisces: A Chemical Connection

The chemistry between Scorpio and Pisces is unbelievably strong. Both crave intimacy, sex, and romance.

According to Santos, “This is one of the greatest matches in the zodiac because we’ve got the [Scorpio] energy of Mars and Pluto, [which is] the unconscious, underworld, and darkness, up against Pisces, which is Jupiter and Neptune — fantasy, escapism, and the heavens.”

You’re getting the full spectrum of human emotion between these two signs.

Santos adds, “When you put the heavens and the underworld together, you’re getting the full spectrum of human emotion between these two signs.”

Dreamy Pisces wants to have their every fantasy fulfilled, and Scorpio's intensely passionate nature is ideal for meeting their lover's every need. Both have strong sex drives, but are also prone to intense emotions. Because of this, the dynamic may be tumultuous at times. Once they’re on the same page, though? The sex will be mind-blowing.

Plus, it helps that Pisces is known as “the sign of orgasms,” Santos tells Elite Daily.

Gemini & Aquarius: Sexual Experimenters

Geminis are versatile (read: freaky), and open-minded Aquarius is so here for it. They’re curious, experimental, and innovative with their sex lives and they’re not too concerned with one-on-one commitments, so they’re very open to things like threesomes.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is all about the mind, intellect, communication style, and socializing. “Geminis get around,” says Santos. “It’s the sign of curiosity, they like novelty, exploring, and trying new things.”

These two signs want to try everything under the stars.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, the planets of revolution and discipline, respectively. “Where Aquarius is the sign of the collective, Gemini is the sign of community,” says Santos, “These two signs want to try everything under the stars.”

Neither one should be afraid to verbalize what they want in bed. Aquarius is all about teamwork, and Gemini's dual sign of the Twins means they're constantly searching for someone who can keep up. This makes for a curious and playful couple that is always down to experiment sexually, so your hookups will never be boring.


Daniel Santos, astrologer, life coach, healer, and tarot reader

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