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Aries-Libra Friendship Compatibility Is Complex, But All Hope Is Def *Not* Lost

At the very least, this duo is bound to keep things interesting.

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As an Aries myself, I know all about how fiery, ambitious, and straightforward we can be. Aries is the first sign (aka the baby) of the zodiac, so we have a certain level of impatience flowing through our veins at all times, and we seldom wait for anyone or anything. Libra, the sister sign of Aries, however, embodies the exact opposite qualities of this zodiac sign. Libras tend to take a very passive, relationship-oriented approach, and would rather tackle obstacles with someone than without. Since these two signs couldn’t be more different, Aries-Libra friendship compatibility looks a little complicated. On one hand, Aries and Libra complement each other very well — one leads, and the other one follows. On the other hand, this could turn sour pretty quickly if resentment begins to build, so realistically, do these two signs really get along?

In order for any relationship to work, it takes two. Aries tends to be very self-aware and independent, so their relationships can often fall by the wayside as they’re tackling a new project or endeavor. Libras, for their part, prioritize relationships more than anything else, and will almost do anything to keep a relationship going. Think about it like this: Aries is Mars-ruled while Libra is Venus-ruled. Naturally, these two signs will really embody their rulers, making it very difficult for them to connect at times. However, contrary to what you may think, all hope isn’t lost. These two signs may have a few obstacles to overcome, but it may be worth it in the end.

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1. Aries Is A Fire Sign While Libra Is An Air Sign

While these two signs have opposing rulers, they actually have complementary elements. Fire and air signs tend to do really well together, since fire needs air in order to survive. This makes both Aries and Libra the life of the party — Libra’s the one throwing it, of course, and Aries is the star of the show. Since these two are so different, they don’t really get in each other’s way too often, especially since Libra is as non-confrontational as it gets, and doesn’t like to ruffle any feathers. While Aries tends to always be looking for some sort of competition, they won’t find it in Libra. Instead, they’ll find someone who’s eager to connect, socialize, and play the role of the peacemaker. This ultimately does work in the favor of this friendship, and can prevent it from fizzling out.

2. Libra Can Keep Aries’ Hot-Headed Behavior At Bay Without Stifling It

Let’s be honest — Libra individuals love a good tea spill, and Aries somehow always has some bizarre story to share. This feeds Libra’s desire for information, all while Aries is able to burn off some steam. Though Libra will never encourage Aries to do anything reckless, they are still able to support Aries by offering a listening ear. In turn, Aries is able to get things off their chest quickly — and as a cardinal sign, they tend to burn out just as quickly as the fire was ignited. Connecting via communication is one of Libra’s favorite things, and since Aries is always eager to talk about themselves, the conversation will never go dry.

3. Aries Can Teach Libra How To Stand Up For Themself

Libras are excellent at mediation, and they hate conflict. But Aries are always confrontational, even if they’re not trying to be. This can teach Libra a lot about asserting themselves, because sometimes it’s necessary. In turn, Aries can also learn from Libra that making time for connection and relationships isn’t a waste, and it’s oftentimes better to have your loved ones by your side than to always be tackling a challenge on your own. Together, these two signs can learn an immense amount about their strengths, as well as their weaknesses, without getting in each other’s way. In the long run, I definitely see this relationship working out as long as they’re both able to accept the other as they are.