G-Eazy's relationship history is full of famous faces.
Wow, G-Eazy Has Dated A Whole Bunch Of A-Listers


Trying to keep up with G-Eazy’s love life feels like a nearly impossible feat. Not only has the rapper has seemingly had a slew of “almost-relationships” that never quite turned serious, but he’s also been embroiled in countless dating rumors that even the most expert sleuthing couldn’t clear up. His long-term partnership with Halsey was highly publicized, but did you know that he’s also been involved with several other celebs in the music world? G-Eazy’s relationship history is full of famous faces, and some of them may have totally flown under your radar.

Here's the thing. Save for a few sporadic interviews circa 2017-2018 in which G-Eazy gushed about his feelings for Halsey, he's remained pretty tight-lipped about his love life over the years. Still, social media posts and random sightings have sparked speculation that he had romantic ties with a slew of pop stars — including Britney Spears and Megan Thee Stallion, among other A-listers. At one point, there was even a rumor about G-Eazy getting cozy with Demi Lovato (he later assured fans they're "just friends").

From savagely talented songstresses to fierce models and rappers, G-Eazy has gotten involved with *quite* the roster of ladies over the course of his career. And fortunately for you, I’m going to break down every single romantic situation he's gotten into over the last five years, from serious relationships to fleeting flings.

Britney Spears: August 2016
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If you watched the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, you may remember a particularly steamy performance by G-Eazy and Britney Spears. ICYMI, I'll jog your memory: At one point, Spears kneeled behind G-Eazy and reached between his legs, and at another point, he leaned in seemingly to *almost* kiss her.

While neither party ever confirmed that there was anything going on off-stage, their touchy-feely vibes during the performance of their single "Make Me" raised all kinds of questions.

In an interview with 92.3 AMP radio shortly after the VMAs, Spears was asked whether or not he tried to kiss her, and she shrugged it off by saying she didn't think so because he had a girlfriend at the time. However, in a separate interview with Paper Magazine, G-Eazy fully admitted that he almost laid one on her, but panicked — and naturally, Kanye West was to blame.

"I walked out and saw Kanye and everybody in their seats staring up at me, I'm not going to lie, I got nervous as sh*t," he told the publication. "I kinda blacked out. I forgot a word or two in my verse. I got thrown off. When I went for it, I should have just fully gone for it."

Lana Del Rey: April 2017

Lana Del Rey and G-Eazy's romance can be traced back to — what else — Coachella, where they were seen canoodling together for the entire weekendlong festival.

"They barely left one ­another’s sides and looked very lovey-dovey," an inside source told Mirror Online at the time. "They were kissing and whispering in each other’s ears."

According to Mirror Online's source, the two hit artists rolled in with the same group of friends, but they looked "pretty hot for one another."

"She was dancing the whole time during Kendrick Lamar's ­performance and he was ­actually watching her more than the stage," the source explained.

Unfortunately, the duo never collaborated, because goodness knows Del Rey's moody vocals combined with G-Eazy's razor-sharp lyrics would have been straight fire. Here's a fun fact, though: Apparently, G-Eazy originally planned for her to be the singer on the hit single "Him & I," but he ultimately chose to team up with Halsey instead (more on that later).

While little is known about Del Rey and G-Eazy's relationship, it's clear that it may not have been the most amicable of breakups. For one, there's speculation that her song "White Mustang" is about him — she even changed the lyrics during a live performance to "couldn't stop the way I was feeling the day his record dropped and it wasn't even that good." (Ouch.) Not only that, but G-Eazy mentioned her by name in his song "Moana," which dropped in April 2020. The rapper's lyric states: “I know a Keisha and I know Lana / They try to get me back, but I’m like, ‘No, nah, nah’ / I’m sorry, I don’t want no drama, nah / That’s a hard no, pass."

Oh, the shade.

Halsey: August 2017 — October 2018
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Without a doubt, G-Eazy's most high-profile long-term partnership was with Halsey, whom he dated for about a year.

The two were first linked back in August 2017, around the time they released their song, "Him & I" on Aug. 30. That collab definitely seemed to ignite a spark between the two artists, because just a day after they premiered the song during a tour stop in New Orleans, Halsey posted a (now-deleted) pic of their performance with the flirty caption "thank u baby." A few days later, G-Eazy posted a pic of them as well, with the caption "the crazy kind" (a reference to the lyric about their love from "Him & I").

At the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Halsey claimed that G-Eazy relentlessly pursued her in the beginning.

"He was just really persistent," she said. "He really wanted to hang out and really wanted me to like him a lot. It took me a while to be like, ‘Fine. OK, I like you back.'"

Many PDA-packed Instagram posts and red carpet appearances later, things got a little *complicated.* On May 3, 2018, G-Eazy was arrested in Sweden for drug possession and allegedly harassing security guards. At the time, Elite Daily reached out to reps for the rapper about those charges but did not hear back. TMZ's sources claimed that Halsey was with him when this went down, but a request for comment made by Elite Daily to confirm those claims was not returned. While it's unclear what happened between Halsey and G-Eazy after that, it seems that things definitely took a turn for the worse because Halsey revealed via Instagram that she and G-Eazy had split up just a couple of months later on July 3.

While they reportedly got back together shortly after that, according to People, they had ended things for the second and final time by Oct. 24 of that year.

On multiple occasions, Halsey has alluded to the possibility that their relationship eroded due to G-Eazy's unfaithful behavior. For example, one day after their first breakup, Halsey posted a cryptic tweet that simply read "pumpkin eater" (potentially in reference to "cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater"). Later, during a February 2019 SNL performance of "Without Me," the stage was covered with the words, "I'm so sorry Ashley, I cheated," along with the names of specific cities where the apparent betrayals took place.

Halsey later revealed in an interview on the Zach Sang Show that the song "Without Me" is actually what led her to realize she needed to end that relationship.

"I listened to what I wrote and went ‘Oh my God, is that how I feel? If that’s how I feel I need to put the pause on this thing right now,'" she explained.

November 2018: Christina Roseann Ray

Weeks after G-Eazy and Halsey reportedly split up for the second time, G-Eazy was reportedly spotted on a date with the production designer Christina Roseann Ray.

An eyewitness source told E! News that they pulled up in his Mustang, then hopped in the back seat together and started making out for a full 20 minutes.

"She was in his lap and kissing his face over and over," the source reportedly claimed. "She seemed very excited about being with him. They both had big smiles on their faces. She was busy straightening her collar and her jacket after their makeout session. They both looked at each other and laughed. Then they stopped to hug on the street corner and she put her arms up inside of his jacket to stay warm."

The pair reportedly had a two-hour dinner before leaving the restaurant together. Still, the source emphasized that their relationship definitely wasn't serious.

"Christina and G-Eazy had a past friendship and knew each other from mutual friends in the industry," said the source, according to E! News. "It's nothing serious, but this isn't the first time they have seen each other. They had a great time on their date together."

Yasmin Wijnaldum: February 2019 — September 2019
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Not a whole lot is known about G-Eazy's relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Yasmin Wijnaldum — except that they were first seen publicly together in February of 2019, and from then on, they definitely didn't shy away from packing on the PDA when they attended red carpet events.

The last time they were seen together publicly was at the Savage x Fenty NYFW after-party on Sept. 20 — which it's worth noting Halsey also attended.

At some point that fall or winter, things must've gone south — because by the time he was sharing steamy videos with Megan Thee Stallion in February 2020, Wijnaldum promptly unfollowed him on Instagram.

Megan Thee Stallion: February 2020

It's remarkable how one single Instagram can start a massive rumor, right? Case in point: the footage that G-Eazy posted of himself with Megan Thee Stallion all over each other. To be more specific, in the video, G-Eazy's basically sucking on her face while he's also sensually rubbing her face and chest. Her arm is around his neck, her leg is draped over his lap, and their limbs are intertwined. It's a lot, y'all. Then, the next day, G-Eazy further fueled the speculation when he posted sultry snap of Stallion, and captioned it with four blue hearts (how's that for sus?).

Still, Stallion put those rumors to rest on Feb. 4 with one simple tweet: "Lol alright nowww y’all got all y’all jokes out but I am not f*cking G Eazy." When a Twitter user asked why he was seemingly sucking the makeup off her face, she responded: "He like fenty." So that's that.

Livia Pillmann: February 2020

When G-Eazy attended the Feb. 9 Oscars viewing party for the Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, no one could help but notice that he and Hungarian supermodel/actor Livia Pillmann seemed super close. Not only do photos show him kissing her cheek at one point, but also leaving Warwick Nightclub in West Hollywood together at 2 a.m., smiling arm in arm. That was the last time they were seen together publicly, however.

Ashley Benson: April 2020

When G-Eazy dropped his trap cover of "Creep" featuring Ashley Benson, one thing was very clear: These two have amazing creative chemistry. Soon, though, fans started wondering whether that chemistry translated outside the recording studio — because they were seen hanging out together in L.A. several times.

The rumors about their romance started very shortly after news of Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson’s breakup broke, when they were apparently photographed first leaving Lassens Natural Food and Vitamins, and then again picking up takeout from Apple Pan Restaurant. Sure, they could be just friends who make killer music and feast together (which, if that's the case, #goals), but another video surfaced on May 14 of Benson reportedly kissing G-Eazy in the car raises all kinds of questions.

BTW, it's worth noting that Ashley Benson had been leaving sus comments on G-Eazy's Insta in months prior — from red hearts to flirty reactions.

Benson and G-Eazy still have yet to comment on these rumors, and a request for comment from their reps has yet to be returned. The same day that the video of that kiss was released, though, Benson liked a fan's Instagram post shutting down the buzz, which may or may not have been her way of clarifying that their relationship is just platonic.

Then, on May 15, Benson's sister Shaylene weighed in on the drama in an Instagram story. She wrote: "It's OK if you decide to heal through music and collaborate with other artists. And if a spark happens. It's not a crime when you're single. I mean a lot of people meet through working together and if there is a connection, great! Do what you want. It's no ones business." Is that Shaylene's way of confirming that there is, indeed, a *connection* between G-Eazy and Benson? It's hard to tell — but a source did tell People that while they're definitely more than friends, their relationship isn't serious.

"It feels like just a fling for now," the source told People. "She's getting over a breakup."