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Each Zodiac Sign Has A Lucky Day Of The Week That Goes With It & Here's Yours

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Let me guess — the week has just begun, and you're already counting down the days until Friday arrives. While your reason is likely because Friday kicks off the weekend (and it's payday for some), astrology can explain the reasoning behind everyone's love for Friday with ease. This day is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and creativity — who doesn't look forward to more of that? In fact, each day of the week is ruled by one of the seven traditional planets, so if you're wondering what your lucky day is, based on your zodiac sign, you're in luck.

The planets played a huge role in how the calendar was arranged back in the ancient Hellenistic era. Since Sunday marks the beginning of a new week, it's ruled by the sun. Monday is ruled by the moon, Tuesday is ruled by Mars, and so on. The names of some of calendar days even directly correlate to the names of the planets (ex. Saturday = Saturn, Sunday = sun). The seven traditional planets were all astrologers could see with their visible eye back then (telescopes weren't a thing yet), so using the significations of only these planets was all that could be considered. Astrologers even discovered a way to track the sun's movement through the signs, thus, providing the 365-day calendar — the same way they tracked the moon's phases for each month.

Essentially, many of the systems that are used on planet Earth align with planetary movement. Since each sign is ruled by one of the seven traditional planets, you embody the qualities of that planet, and the day it rules can be used for your benefit. If you're an Aries and you've always loved Tuesdays or a Sagittarius who tends to thrive on Thursdays, there's an astrological reason. Here's your lucky day of the week, based on your zodiac sign:

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Leo: Your Lucky Day Is Sunday

As the solar-ruled sign of the zodiac, Sunday is your day to shine. This is the perfect day for you to prioritize your creative expression, or set exciting new goals for the week to come. Your desire for acknowledgement for the accomplishments you've achieved the week prior are likely to come on this day, and since that's the fuel that keeps you inspired, that recognition fuels you to keep going. As the leader of the zodiac, your enthusiasm for the week to come influences others in a positive way to step into the following days with optimism, leaving the stresses of the last week behind.

Cancer: Your Lucky Day Is Monday

Being ruled by the moon, you like to prioritize the waxing and waning of your emotions, and Monday is the most optimal time to do that. As the weekend comes to a close, you may tend to feel drained from the activities that took place, and it's essential that you set aside time to rejuvenate for the week ahead. Monday is perfect for spending time at home, and preparing food and nourishment for each day. As a Cancer, you tend to prioritize nurturing those around you, so preparing your essentials at the start of the week is important. Monday's the best day to recenter yourself emotionally, so you can navigate the week with a clear head and an open heart.

Aries & Scorpio: Your Lucky Day Is Tuesday

As the Mars-ruled signs of the zodiac, Tuesday is the perfect day for you to start new projects and launch exciting new ideas. As the third day of the week, you've had a couple days to rest and reflect before initiating anything that will require a lot of energy, which is a must. Having the ambition is essential, but how and when you choose to fully tap into that energy is what matters. Anything you begin on this day will have a higher chance of sticking, which is what you're really going for (especially if you're a Scorpio). If you're an Aries, the excitement of starting something new may be more of what you're looking for, but either way, you've got the fiery Mars energy on your side.

Gemini & Virgo: Your Lucky Day Is Wednesday

As the mentally charged signs of the zodiac, Wednesday is the day ruled by Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication. For you, this day is optimal for scheduling meetings, making lists, or sending emails. It's smack dab in the middle of the week, so you have plenty of time to get your other errands done before and after this day, which is a necessity. As a Gemini, you're always overflowing with ideas — this day is perfect for taking a moment to pause and put pen to paper. If you're a Virgo, Wednesday is perfect for checking your to-do list and making necessary adjustments. As two signs who can often feel scattered, Wednesday will likely feel like the most productive day of the week for you.

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Sagittarius & Pisces: Your Lucky Day Is Thursday

Idealistic and optimistic, the day when you tend to thrive the most is Thursday, since it's ruled by Jupiter, the planet that perfectly embodies your expansive and spiritually driven nature. Thursday is perfect for taking a moment to step back and review the big picture, to make sure that your values still align with what you've begun. You see life as a never-ending journey, and on this day, you're able to pause and appreciate how far you've come. This day is perfect for taking a trip or diving into a new study that's piqued your interest. You'll be able to easily connect with your ideals for the world around you on this day.

Taurus & Libra: Your Lucky Day Is Friday

No one gets excited for Friday quite like you, since your ruling planet, Venus, governs over this day. As the signs that prioritize comfort, stability, and fellowship, you'll find that most social events or creative endeavors you initiate really thrive on this day, just in time for you to pencil in some self-care activities for the weekend. If you're a Taurus, Friday is an excellent time to work on something creative and productive that'll bring stability and security in your life. As a Libra, Friday is optimal for fun social gatherings with friends, and you can assure that your friends and potential love interest are in good spirits as the weekend nears.

Capricorn & Aquarius: Your Lucky Day Is Saturday

Structure and discipline are right up your alley, and being the two signs ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries, Saturday is the day you can really get things done. Your desire for organizing productive work functions or group outings will really thrive on this day, and allow you to put the finishing touches on any last-minute goals before the next week begins. As a cardinal and fixed sign, your desire to finish the week strong is very important to you, and ensuring that you didn't overlook any work or business opportunities is key.

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