20 Celebrities' Quotes About Sex That Take Honesty To The Next Level

When you're a celebrity, privacy is hard to come by. However, for some A-listers, sharing details about their personal lives is too great of a temptation to resist. Considering some celebs won't even divulge their relationship status to the public, it's always pretty shocking when Hollywood's biggest stars engage in discourse about intercourse. And while some A-listers have shared surprisingly relatable sentiments about sex, others have shared... way more information than I needed. I've rounded up celebrities' quotes about sex that are amazingly honest, and let me warn you: They'll probably leave you blushing.

You'd think that when beautiful people jump in the sack, it's always going to be a magical experience, but according to these celebs, that's far from the truth. While some A-listers have shared their secrets to amazingly hot sex, others have admitted that maintaining a regular sex life isn't always glamorous. Some have spoken about their views on sex in general, while others have spilled very intimate details about their personal sex lives. But no matter what they say, when celebrities talk about getting it on, the result is always entertaining (even if it's also TMI). Here are just some of the best quotes about sex from celebs who simply DGAF.

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Dating — 20 Celebrities' Quotes About Sex That Take Honesty To The Next Level

Chrissy Teigen

It doesn't matter who you are — even if you're a sexy R&B crooner or an ex–swimsuit model, you're just tired! We still have that passion for each other, but are we doing it randomly in a dressing room? No! We'll get back into it again. But it is funny: If he performs somewhere, and I go, I'm like, 'Oh, he's sexy.' We'll probably have sex that night.

Chrissy Teigen admitted to Women's Health during a Sept. 2018 interview that her sex life with hubby John Legend has changed since having their two children.

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Justin Bieber

It just depends who I'm with. When I'm with my wife, we like to... You guys can guess what we do. It's gets pretty crazy... that's pretty much all we do. We like to watch movies, we like to Netflix and chill, but we definitely do more of the chilling.

During a performance at London's Indigo at The O2 in Feb. 2020, a fan asked Justin Bieber what he does on a "regular day," and he ended up giving a more intimate response than the audience was probably expecting.

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Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner

A lot of people claim that having a baby can hurt your sex life, but I feel like that's the opposite of our experience.

During their Sept. 2019 conversation for Playboy, Travis Scott revealed that having a daughter only made his sex life with then-partner Kylie Jenner hotter. Jenner agreed, adding, "Yeah, I feel like we've definitely proven that rumor to be wrong."

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Kelly Clarkson

I was single for many years, so… I have children. And how one makes children is generally what I do before bed. That's not a lie. That's real. And it's not weird! It's natural!

During a Dec. 2019 episode of her unscripted series, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson revealed that the last thing she does before bed involves a NSFW activity with her hubby Brandon Blackstock.

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Pete Davidson

Any time we're intimate I'm always apologizing and saying thank you. 'You're awesome for doing this, thank you so much.' ...I was jerking off to her before I met her.

While visiting The Howard Stern Show in Sept. 2018, Pete Davidson explained just how grateful he was for his then-fiancée Ariana Grande.


Miley Cyrus

He got a lot of action for saving the animals. We had to make sure he knew I was very, very grateful.

In Dec. 2018, Miley Cyrus told Howard Stern about how her then-partner Liam Hemsworth saved all of their pets from the California wildfires that ended up burning their entire home... and exactly what she did to thank him. Later, when Stern asked how they made long-distance work, Cyrus said, "That's what FaceTime's for. Cybersex."

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Kim Kardashian

My public persona is wild, sexual. But I'm actually uncomfortable when I talk about sex, and I'm more conservative when it comes to that. But I'm vain like that. I can go on a set and be fully naked in front of 50 people doing a shoot, but if I'm one-on-one, intimate in bed, I'm like shy and insecure.

In an Oct. 2018 interview for Richardson Magazine with author and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis, Kim Kardashian admitted she's far less sexual in private than her public persona would suggest.

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Jenna Dewan

I've always been a very sexual person. We definitely have a very happy and healthy [sex life]. Something about being a dancer connects you to your physical body. It's primal, earthy, sexual energy by nature. You feel your body in a certain way. Channing is very much the same way. He's very in tune with that.

While chatting with Cosmopolitan in Dec. 2016, Jenna Dewan got real about her hot-and-heavy sex life with then-husband Channing Tatum.

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Channing Tatum

Me and sex are friends. We're animals. It's not a means. It's something that enriches your life... It's one of the clearest ways that we communicate, it boils things down to a very primal level.

During his own interview with Cosmopolitan in June 2016, Channing Tatum shared his views on the importance of sex in a relationship.

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Rachel Lindsay

A perfect date night for us is staying indoors, ordering food, having a drink, being there with our dog, and just doing things away from everybody else. And we have great sex, I'm sorry. We do. We're very passionate people, I think you saw that between us on the show, and it's just important to keep that alive.

In Dec. 2018, The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay told People what kind of activities she and hubby Bryan Abasolo enjoy doing on date night.

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Anna Faris

Sometimes I'll put on, like, my short black bob wig that I have and I play a different character, because I'm [an] actress. I like to play different characters sometimes in a romantic situation. I like that it sort of satisfies my sensibilities of getting to be someone else and it is also, like, a turn-on for a partner.

While replying to a caller on her Unqualified podcast in Jan. 2019, Anna Faris revealed what she personally likes to do to spice things up in the bedroom.

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Julianne Hough

He only wants to love on me and make me feel good. There's so much intimacy without actually having sex. There are some cool things we've learned and it's literally been awesome.

During an interview with Woman's Health in Jan. 2019, Julianne Hough spoke about the challenges of having sex with endometriosis, as well as what she and husband Brooks Laich do to make things work.

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John Krasinski

It is so much better for me being jacked because you feel so much more confident and you see yourself as this much more sexual person, which is really fun.

After getting super fit for 13 Hours, John Krasinski admitted to Elle in Aug. 2016 that having "eight-pack abs" definitely improved his sex life.

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Meghan Trainor

I never really felt sexy with guys before. No one expressed how they liked my body out loud in the bedroom until I met Daryl. He is obsessed with it — every inch. And that has improved my confidence more than even 'Bass' did. He's a champion, so we're in heaven.

During an April 2017 interview with Cosmopolitan, Meghan Trainor discussed the sexual intensity in her relationship with her now-husband Daryl Sabara.

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Joe Jonas

I feel like I'm free in my life to speak about it, and yeah, everyone should try a little bit of something new in the bedroom. It's definitely fun when you bring some whips and leather and whatever you may be into — a little bit of S&M — into the bedroom. I wrote it about me and someone I was getting wild with, and maybe [we] busted some outfits out – you know, you get a little crazy.

While discussing DNCE's song "Be Mean" with Between the Lines in Nov. 2016, Joe Jonas got candid about exploring kinks and fetishes in bed.

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Nick Jonas

As a songwriter, the minute you start having sex, you can totally see the difference in the writing. You become an adult — that's kind of the whole backbone of it, really, your identity as a person and what sex means to you.

During an Aug. 2016 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Nick Jonas spoke about how sex has influenced his songwriting abilities.

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Hannah Brown

I f*cked in a windmill, and guess what? We did it a second time.

In the episode nine promo during Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, Brown put Luke Parker in his place when she asserted that she'd had sex in a windmill (twice), and that, despite having sex, "Jesus still loves me."

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Demi Lovato

There's a certain stigma around a woman having casual sex. For me, I just feel like it's my body and it's my choice, and it's exciting and it's a connection with somebody. It's fun.

During her 2017 documentary, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, Lovato shared her views on casual sex and why she unapologetically enjoys having it.

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Kristen Bell

Sometimes, we'll look at each other and we're like, 'We need some intimacy and sex, like, right now.' We're just very honest about it.

While chatting with InStyle in July 2018, Kristen Bell shared the secret to having a great sex life with her husband Dax Shepard.

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Ryan Reynolds

I want to thank my wife, Blake. Everything I do is to make her laugh, especially the sex.

After Ryan Reynolds was recognized for best comedic performance at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards for his role in Deadpool, he used his speech to make a NSFW joke about his wife Blake Lively.

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Celebrities — they're just like us! Except they probably do the deed between way more expensive sheets than your average person.