20 Celebrities' Quotes About Sex That Take Honesty To The Next Level

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When you're a celebrity, privacy is hard to come by. However, for some A-listers, sharing details about their personal lives is too great of a temptation to resist. Considering some celebs won't even divulge their relationship status to the public, it's always pretty shocking when Hollywood's biggest stars engage in discourse about intercourse. And while some A-listers have shared surprisingly relatable sentiments about sex, others have shared... way more information than I needed. I've rounded up celebrities' quotes about sex that are amazingly honest, and let me warn you: They'll probably leave you blushing.

You'd think that when beautiful people jump in the sack, it's always going to be a magical experience, but according to these celebs, that's far from the truth. While some A-listers have shared their secrets to amazingly hot sex, others have admitted that maintaining a regular sex life isn't always glamorous. Some have spoken about their views on sex in general, while others have spilled very intimate details about their personal sex lives. But no matter what they say, when celebrities talk about getting it on, the result is always entertaining (even if it's also TMI). Here are just some of the best quotes about sex from celebs who simply DGAF.

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