John Krasinski Says He's A 'More Sexual Person' Now That He Has 8-Pack Abs


John Krasinski went from lovable jokester on "The Office" to lovable jokester AND mega hottie recently, and basically no one can handle it.

Krasinski recently got ripped for his role as a CIA contractor in "13 Hours," which came out this past January, and he's loving looking like an Olympic athlete -- especially in the bedroom.

He told ELLE,

Yeah, John, it's made us all more sexual, too. So thanks for that. I guess that's what happens when you have an eight pack!

He made this incredible transformation by rigorously working out twice a day for five days a week. And with this new development in his sex life, we can bet he's maintaining his body.

Hey, there is no shame in watching "13 Hours" just for John Krasinski's abs.

Paramount Pictures

Damn, Jim Halpert.

Apparently, his wife, Emily Blunt, has no problem with her husband's new figure. Krasinski added,

Emily, you are a lucky woman. But you know that.

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