20 Celebrities' Quotes About Kissing That Are Kind Of Steamy, TBH

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Kissing is hot. Kissing is strange. Kissing is sometimes even hilariously awkward. But I can't even begin to imagine what kissing is like when you're a celebrity. When cameras are constantly on you, how can you even concentrate on a kiss, let alone enjoy yourself? I guess that's why I'll never make it in Hollywood, because according to these celebrities' quotes about kissing that I've rounded up, locking lips and being cool with it is a big part of the job.

Some celebs revealed that those on-screen kisses you see aren't nearly as sexy as they look in reality. Some celebs confessed that onscreen kisses led to off-screen relationships. Plenty of stars have shared stories about first kisses, and others about last first kisses. Because I think kissing is wonderful and wild and weird, I found all of the best quotes from celebrities who have decided to kiss and tell, and they range from totally cringe-worthy to super sweet.

Not all of the celebrities who dished about kisses are still with the person they once smooched. Some kisses were shared between celebs who are no more than friends. But special (or especially awkward) kisses stay with you, and these 20 celebs had a smooch they won't soon forget.

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