Memes From 'The Bachelor' deserve the final rose
Bachelor Nation Can't Stop Making Memes Of These Moments From Peter's Season

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Having one man date 30 women simultaneously is bound to get complicated, and Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor proof enough of this. But while seeing women go home week after week can be heartbreaking, the show has also delivered tons of giggle-worthy moments to go along with the sadness. So, while you're looking back on everything that's happened this season, why not check out all the funny memes from Peter's Bachelor season to get a few laughs in, before the inevitably dramatic final episodes.

The Bachelor is in its 24th season of bringing memorable scenes — from romantic gestures to cringeworthy clashes — to viewers' screens. And while other seasons have had no shortage of impactful moments, Peter's season has gone above and beyond: There was the awkward and explosive #ChampagneGate, the brief but jaw-dropping return of Bachelorette Hannah Brown, and, of course, all the drama with both Victorias, Alayah, Tammy, Mykenna, and more.

All of this provided the perfect fodder for fans watching The Bachelor at home to do what they do best: turn Peter and his contestants' pain and suffering into something fun and entertaining. Feast your eyes on the best of the best memes to come from Peter's tumultuous season below.

When The Subtitle Writer Kills It

There were a lot of mispronounced words spoken during this season on The Bachelor. Luckily, whoever transcribes the episodes made sure to capture every single one.

When The Show Seems A Little Too Familiar

Things can get a bit awkward between the contestants, to say the least, especially when Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Kelley embarked on a three-on-one date during which Peter had to send one of them home.

When You Think Peter Might Just Need A Pet Instead Of A Girlfriend

After all the drama, it might be best for Peter to just give up and focus on adopting a pet instead. What about Ashley P., the "emotional support cow"?

When You Need A Little Motivation

Even though Kelsey became fodder for so many memes when a bottle of bubbly exploded in her face during #ChampagneGate, she made it to Peter's final four. Talk about a comeback story.

When You Have A Lot Of Feelings

Tears happen. Sometimes champagne helps... sometimes it doesn't.

When It Feels Like Nothing Is Going Your Way

Clearly, Kelsey came out of this season as one of the most meme-worthy contestants.

When Mykenna's Elimination Face Was All Too Relatable

Like Kelsey, Mykenna became a queen of memes thanks to her memorable facial expressions. Her face after being eliminated showed her disappointment loud and clear.

When Fans Found Mykenna's Twin

Which one is Mykenna and which one is Grumpy Cat? I can't tell the difference.

When Madison Seems To Forget Peter's Windmill Incident

The teaser for Fantasy Suite Week shows Madison seemingly telling Peter she will go home if he sleeps with another contestant. Did she forget that basically the whole world knows he did it four times in a windmill with Hannah B.?

When 'The Bachelor' & Politics Collide

This Bernie Sanders meme is everywhere. So is Madison. It was inevitable.

When Peter's Puma Attack Story Seemed A Little Fishy

*Just nod until you know if he's joking or not.*

When You Want To Giggle

Peter's scar looks like a knockoff version of Harry Potter's lightning bolt. I said what I said.

When Hannah Ann's Accent Re-Appears In Kentucky

If you're from the South, you know how easy it is for a twang to come back stronger when you're home. But not all fans are so empathetic.

When All Of The Twists Seem A Little Too Coincidental

Let's be honest, every single Bachelor producer involved in that Victoria F./Chase Rice date deserves a raise.

When You Want To Reminice on Past Loves

While walking the streets of Peru, Peter just happened to come across a windmill painting on the street. Producers made sure to capture him appreciating the painting, while viewers at home were all forced to remember Peter's steamy sleepover with Hannah B.

For When Everyone Had Major Feelings About Hannah B. Coming Back

Peter Weber asked Hannah Brown to compete on his season of The Bachelor when she came back and admitted she still had feelings for him. Since the producers seem to love a good bit of chaos, it's probably pretty likely they really loved capturing this juicy moment on cameras.

When Meeting The Parents Doesn't Go As Well As Planned

Hannah Ann's dad, "Ranger Rick," became instant meme material when Peter came to visit. Papa Sluss clearly tried to put on a good face, but his doubts about the whole situation came through loud and clear.

When You're Unphased By A Breakup

Kelly got sent home after a 3-on-1 in Week 6, but like the badass she is, she left without shedding a tear.

When You're Sure Peter's Going To End Up Alone

Peter's Bachelor journey doesn't seem to be going too smoothly, so it's definitely a possibility he ends up alone after all this.

When It Seems Like Peter Doesn't Know What He's Doing

Let's face it, Peter seems increasingly overwhelmed with being the Bachelor. And here I thought flying airplanes was stressful.