Hannah Ann's dad was a hit on Twitter

Hannah Ann's Dad Was Stern AF On 'The Bachelor' & Twitter Is Here For It


Week 7 is hometown week on The Bachelor, which means the four women left vying for Peter's heart got to bring their potential husband back to get to know their loved ones. While meeting the parents is a huge and nerve-wracking step for any relationship, trying to get on the good side of four different families an especially difficult task for the lead. There's always a parent or two who vocalizes some concern about the show, and these tweets about Hannah Ann's dad prove fans didn't miss out on the "stern father" role this season.

Hannah Ann was the first contestant to bring Peter back to her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. The pair went axe-throwing, which Hannah Ann though was fitting because her father, nicknamed "Ranger Rick," thinks she needs someone "tough" to be with. Well, if there's one word to describe Hannah Ann's dad, tough would be pretty on the nose.

After their daytime date, Peter accompanied Hannah Ann to her home, where he met her mom, sister, and father for the first time. But from the moment they walked through the door, it was clear Hannah Ann's dad was a little skeptical about the whole situation.

You have to give it to him, he tried his best to smile and make pleasantries, but it was pretty clear he wasn't pumped about Peter's presence. It seems like his heart is in the right place; he just doesn't want to see Hannah Ann get hurt. And when you know your daughter's boyfriend has three other girlfriends, it's probably a little difficult to be optimistic about the whole thing.

His skepticism was clear from the moment the pair walked through the door, and fans immediately took to Twitter to discuss his stern reaction.

Things only got more tense later in the evening, when Peter told Rick he is falling in love with her that evening. It seemed Peter was hoping that would get his potential father-in-law on his side and show how serious he was about Hannah Ann, but really the opposite happened. "Do not say that word unless wholeheartedly you take that to heart," her father warned. But Peter went ahead and did it anyway, while her dad watched it all happen from the window. Yikes.

Peter's season of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.