Hannah Ann Sluss is on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor'

Bachelor Nation Is Already Buzzing Over 1 Of Peter's Contestants

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Bring on the ladies: Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor premieres Jan. 6 on ABC, and the new lead is set to meet 30 eager women vying for his heart during his first night in the mansion. While there's bound to be a wide range of introductions that make a strong first impression, there's already one contestant who seems to be receiving some buzz ahead of the season premiere. Bachelor Nation, get ready to meet Hannah Ann Sluss.

According to her ABC profile, Hannah Ann is a 23-year-old model from Knoxville, Tennessee. Her (public for now) Facebook page reports she's signed with Wilhelmina Models, a well-known modeling agency, and she's secured large-scale campaigns with companies like Downy. She also served as the leading lady in country singer Chris Lane's 'I Don't Know About You' music video.

But it's not only her successful modeling career and picture-perfect Instagram profile that have people talking about Peter's new suitress; she also has some unique connections to Bachelor Nation. Get this: Hannah Ann is friends with Hannah Godwin — you know, the real-life Disney princess who was on Colton's Bachelor season and then found love with Dylan Barbour on Bachelor in Paradise. The two have multiple social media posts together dating back to 2018, and ABC's 'Meet the Women' video revealed it was actually Hannah G. who brought Hannah Ann to the attention of producers in the first place.

Also in the promo video, Chris Harrison indicated Hannah Ann seemed naive about the whole Bachelor Nation thing at the start of her journey, but somehow "ended up in the middle of absolutely everything," indicating there's a lot of drama to come for this gal. He also added Hannah Ann "seems sweet, quiet, reserved, [but the] girl's got a backbone."

That backbone shows itself early on in the season, as evidenced in a preview video of the first night at the mansion. From the looks of it, Hannah Ann pulls the "can I steal you for a sec" on more than one occasion throughout the evening, getting in multiple one-on-one moments with Peter and subsequently pissing off her fellow contestants. But making friends ming not be too high on Hannah Ann's priorities list; as she says in the clip, she's "not here to sit on a couch and drink wine."

Clearly, Hannah Ann is doing what she can to stand out from all of Peter's other contestants (and probably his similarly-named ex too). Tune in to The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to see if she succeeds.

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