Victoria F. on 'The Bachelor'

Peter & Victoria F.'s 'Bachelor' Date With Chase Rice Will Make You Cringe Forever

ABC/Eric McCandless

During any given season of The Bachelor, audiences usually don't get to learn too much about the ladies' exes. But Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor is changing things up, and one of Victoria Fuller's past romances is coming back to haunt her. Peter and Victoria F.'s one-on-one date brought her face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend Chase Rice, and it was super-awkward, to say the least.

The date started out happy enough, with Victoria F. flipping out about getting to fly with Pilot Pete. She was nervous, but said the flight went "better than she expected." It got even more exciting when Peter took her to the Cedar Point amusement park for a private day of roller coasters. But little did she know, the biggest thrill would come later in the date.

Usually a one-on-one date is an opportunity for a contestant and the season's lead to really bond and get to know each other during some alone time. However, when Peter invited Victoria to a concert featuring country singer Chase Rice, he didn't know he also invited Victoria's ex to join them.

“Chase and I dated before I came on the show," Victoria said in an in-the-moment interview during the show. "It's just awkward and weird."

Though Victoria tried to put on a brave face while she danced with Peter, it was still pretty cringeworthy to watch, especially when she couldn't help but sing along to her ex's songs while dancing with (and smooching) her current love interest.

"The situation is so uncomfortable. Never in a million years was I expecting this but I’m trying my hardest to get through today because I don’t want to ruin this,” she said to cameras during the date.

But as much as Victoria tried to not let the awkward run-in throw her off, she was noticeably uncomfortable for most of it. After the concert, she took Chase to the side to talk to him, and he encouraged his ex to tell Peter the truth. Peter was clearly oblivious to the situation, and even had a fun bro-y moment with the singer. Of course, that only made it harder for Victoria to explain everything to him.

Things only got worse during the evening portion of their date, which opened with Peter talking to cameras about the possibility of Chase singing at their wedding someday. When Victoria finally told Peter about her past with Chase, he was visibly shook. ("Wait, the singer Chase? The guy on stage?" he asked.) Victoria tearfully explained how she broke up with Chase because their lifestyles didn’t line up, and told Peter she no longer had feelings for her ex. She also explained she didn’t tell him earlier because she didn’t want to ruin the happy moment for him.

Victoria was pretty inconsolable after she confessed the truth, telling Peter she was scared of driving him away. But Peter told her all he wants is honesty and trust, and said he respects her for being real with him. They both said they really like each other, and capped the whole thing off with a few romantic kisses.

"This is mind-blowingly weird, but just know that I still want you here," Peter said has he gave Victoria F. a rose, marking her safe from the upcoming elimination.

Season 24 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.