Awk, This 'Bachelor' Contestant's Famous Ex Is Coming On The Show

by Candice Jalili

Um, did you know that The Bachelor's Victoria Fuller and Chase Rice dated before his upcoming episode? ICYMI: Rice is set to perform on the Jan. 27 episode of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. As if casually seeing your ex while competing for another man's heart on television isn't awkward enough in and of itself, Rice's appearance on the show is specifically set to be a private performance for Weber and Fuller during their one-on-one date.

"I have a surprise for Victoria," Weber says in a teaser for the episode. "We have our own private Chase Rice concert." At this point, the teaser features a clip of Fuller nervously biting her nails and looking totally distraught before it cuts to her revealing to Weber that she "dated" Rice in the past. Weber, who appears to be totally shocked by the revelation, simply responds, "Wait, what?" After that, things get even more dramatic with the teaser featuring a clip of Fuller walking away from Weber during a date in tears as she exclaims, "I can't do this."

I know this whole thing sounds so dramatic that it can't possibly be real, but Rice — who maintains he only agreed to come on the show as a way to promote his new music — claimed that both he and Fuller were totally duped by ABC when it came to the encounter.

Isaac Brekken/ACMA2019/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They set everybody up. I didn’t sign up for that,” Rice explained during an interview at the CMAs. “That’s my problem with it. At the end of the day, they have a job to do. I don’t have to be a part of that.”

Obvi none of us know exactly what's going to go down until the episode in question actually airs on Jan. 27, but this doesn't sound like the chillest, most comfortable date in Bachelor history. Here's to counting down the seconds until this juicy episode airs.

Luckily for any of you fans out there hoping Fuller and Weber make it down the aisle one day, Rice did make it clear during an interview on the red carpet for the CMAs that "there ain’t no love triangle" between himself, Fuller, and Weber and that "the love is on their side."

Tune in on Jan. 27 to see what actually happens during this drama-filled episode.