Victoria P. left 'The Bachelor'

Let's Break Down Victoria P.'s Dramatic 'Bachelor' Exit


Fans know embarking on The Bachelor journey is a difficult one. It's bound to have ups and downs, and some controversies with fellow contestants arise. Sometimes, the interpersonal relationships between the women spill over into their relationship with the Bachelor, and one of Peter's potential love matches saw that play out during the Feb. 5 episode. So, why did Victoria P. leave The Bachelor? It turns out, a strong start with the lead doesn't always last.

Victoria P. has been at the center of the action the past few weeks on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. The pageant queen made a huge splash when she showed up at the mansion in a stunning black dress, and after an emotional one-on-one with Peter on the Jan. 20 episode, she seemed like a frontrunner. Peter even came to her when he was having doubts about Alayah, and after a not-so-great personal review from his confidante, he ended up sending Alayah home in Week 3.

That said, things took a turn for Victoria P. when Alayah returned the following week and revealed the pair knew each other better than Victoria P. had let on. The situation threw Pilot Pete for a loop made him have doubts.

When Peter questioned her about the Alayah stuff, Victoria P. wasn't pleased. "If you don't trust me, then why did you ask my opinion [about Alayah]? I’ve been nothing but honest with you, so I’m confused about why I’m in this position right now,” she said to him.

In the Feb. 5 episode, Victoria P. was determined to work through the tension with Peter. "I feel like there are conversations that need to happen. I’m hoping to feel confident about where we are," she said to the other ladies after their telenovela group date.


But the conversation definitely didn't go the way she wanted it to. "I don’t think we’ve talked about the whole Alayah thing and I don’t want you to question my heart ... After our one-on-one, we were so certain and I want to get back to that," she said to Peter.

Although Victoria P. expressed a desire to move on from the incident, the conversation put pressure on Peter to examine his true feelings. "I think about the first date we had ... It was amazing," he told her, but then added: "The Alayah stuff put a damper on stuff for me."

The Bach then took her hand, and said, "I do not want to do anything to hurt you. My biggest concern and fear with you is that maybe you are more secure and confident in us than I am." The comment made Victoria P. nervous, and she pressed him for more details, "I'm scared ... Are you saying that you don’t want me to be here?" she asked.

Sadly, Peter confirmed the contestant's worst fear. "I don’t know if I see you as my wife. I’m so sorry," he said. And just like that, Victoria P.'s Bachelor journey was over.

Before leaving teary-eyed, Victoria P. expressed concern that Peter wasn't doing the right thing. But the Bachelor said he was following his heart, which fans everywhere are hoping will lead to him finding his future wife.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.