Victoria Paul is on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor'

'Bachelor' Contestant Victoria P. Is A Pageant Queen With A Tough Past


Peter Weber proved he had a thing for beauty queens when he fell for Hannah Brown on Season 15 of The Bachelorette. But with that relationship in the past (well, at least for now), there's another Bachelor Nation pageant star in Peter's atmosphere. After her charming intro package and tender moments with Pilot Pete in the premiere, many fans are wondering whether The Bachelor's Victoria P. has a future with Peter at the end of it all.

Victoria Paul, 27, is a former Miss Louisiana USA and even made it to the Top 15 of Miss USA in 2019. Her ABC profile says she grew up in a small town and lost her father early in life. Following her dad's death, her mother and her sister fought addiction, which made her "grow up fast." Despite these rocky beginnings, Victoria P.'s mom and sister are both sober now, and their relationships are strong. ‌

Victoria says she parlayed her experience looking after her sister at a young age into her career as a nurse. Furthering her caregiver dutires, she's also a devoted dog mom to her rescue pup, Doodle.

As for why Victoria P. is on the show, check out this snippet from her Bachelor bio:

Victoria is on The Bachelor because she has never given herself a fair shot at finding love. She has been in one serious relationship that lasted for two years, but his infidelity led to them breaking up after she stumbled upon a video on her ex's phone which proved he had been cheating on her ... This former Miss Louisiana pageant girl has been forced to grow up fast and learn the importance of finding a supportive life partner. She wants someone who will be a wonderful father to their kids and will be the rock she never had.

Lucky for her, it seems like she and Peter already fostered a strong connection during Week 1. She endured a zero-gravity machine spinning her around on the first group date, despite her ~scary~ history with motion sickness, which dates back to a certain theme park teacup ride at Disneyland. Peter admired her bravery, while fans quickly latched onto her emotional moment to create memes.

Victoria also revealed to Peter that she had never received flowers from a man before, so later on during the group date, he made sure to change that. Cue the swooning fans.

To see how Victoria P.'s journey with Peter unfolds, tune into The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.