Chris Harrison on 'The Bachelor'

Bachelor Nation Is LIVING For Chris Harrison's Telenovela Appearance


Chris Harrison is not only the host of The Bachelor. He also likes to pop in and out of episodes, sort of like a fun uncle or a fairy godfather there to grant wishes. In the latest episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber and the women got to be telenovela actors, and Chris Harrison made a special appearance that fans loved. These tweets about Chris Harrison on the telenovela show his cameo has brought all of Bachelor Nation together.

On the first group date in Santiago, Chile, the contestants embraced the local culture by participating in a group telenovela date. Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P., Madison, Tammy, Kelley, and Mykenna were each given a script, costume, and character to play during the date. Most of the parts were pretty hilarious (like Kelley being assigned the role Peter's grandma), but perhaps the most hilarious part came when Chris Harrison appeared out of nowhere in a costume of his own.

His sudden appearance in the production came with his character revealing a classic telenovela twist: the maid Peter kissed at the end of the story (played by Mykenna), was actually his aunt. Hilarity of the plot aside, Twitter erupted with reactions appreciating Chris Harrison's fun costume and unexpected appearance.

Fans particularly loved seeing the host don some stick-on facial hair for his role in the play, and the mustache became meme-worthy material right away.

This event just provides another reason why Chris Harrison has been, and will remain, a staple of The Bachelor. Fans just have a soft spot for the host, and they just can't get enough of his quick appearances here and there. The moment also showed Chris Harrison can have a playful side, and he's there for more than just dropping major news on the girls, like he typically does each episode.

To see more of Chris Harrison's charm (and hopefully some cheesy acting), fans can tune in for The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.