Alayah's return To 'The Bachelor' shook things up

Let's Break Down Alayah's Wild Return To 'The Bachelor'


If you thought all the Alayah Benavidez drama was going to end when she was sent home in Week 3 of Peter Weber's Bachelor season, you thought wrong. After the Jan. 20 rose ceremony, Pilot Pete wasn't sure he made the right decision in letting Alayah go, and seemed super shaken by the possibility he made a mistake. So, Alayah's return to The Bachelor in Week 4 shouldn't have been too much of a shock to fans, but what came after she crashed the group date certainly was.

After the brutal football game that was the daytime group date, during the evening portion, Alayah sauntered up the stairs and shocked all the ladies before turning the corner and going straight to Peter, interrupting his time with Shiann Lewis in the process. Alayah took Peter aside and went on to refute the claims of Victoria Paul, who had told Peter she and Alayah barely knew each other from their pageant days (and whose opinion was apparently a main factor in Peter's decision to send Alayah home). Alayah told Peter she and Victoria P. had actually taken a trip to Vegas when they were in the pageant world together, which directly goes against what Victoria told Peter only days prior. Peter then took the two ladies aside at the same time, but didn't get many answers, and actually started to question Victoria P. (one of his apparent frontrunners) because of what Alayah was saying.

At the end of the group date, Peter ended up not only letting Alayah back into the competition, but he also gave her the rose, which really didn't sit well with the other women. “A girl who got the rose wasn’t even on the date," Hannah Ann Sluss said to cameras with a disappointed look, summing up the majority of the casts' feelings pretty succinctly.

Alayah's return became even more drama-filled when she revealed to some of the women that Victoria Fuller had dated Chase Rice in the past, a fact Victoria F. disclosed to Peter on their one-on-one date (after the country singer serenaded them) but didn't tell the other ladies. "The internet knows everything," Alayah whispered to Mykenna and Hannah Ann, making it clear she learned this fact during her brief time outside the Bachelor bubble when she was eliminated.

When word got back to Victoria F. that Alayah said something, she confronted the recently returned contestant for "stirring the pot" and called her "manipulative." Alayah claimed she had "no idea nobody knew" about Victoria's past relationship, and seemed pretty shocked to be at the receiving end of her anger.

Meanwhile, the other women started questioning what Peter's choice with Alayah said about him. And at the start of the cocktail party, they weren't shy in vocalizing their frustrations. "For you to give [the rose] to her of all people, it really really really hurt," Deandra Kanu told him. Sydney Hightower added: "You don't know what my middle name is," emphasizing how little tie some of the women have gotten with him due to all the drama surrounding Alayah.

"I'm worried all the girls are going to walk out because they're so very disappointed in me," a worried Peter told cameras, adding: "I legitimately don't know what to do." In the end, the show left audiences on the edge of their seats, closing out the episode with a "to be continued" cliffhanger about who will get eliminated at the rose ceremony.

To watch how Alayah's return to The Bachelor fully plays out, tune in to The Bachelor on Monday, Feb. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.