Women on Peter's 'Bachelor' Week 3

Here Are All The Women Who Went Home During 'Bachelor' Week 3

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

It might only be Week 3 in the Bachelor Mansion, but there's already been plenty of drama between the contestants. The ladies got some aggression out during a pillow fight group date with Bachelor alum Demi Burnett, but the most intense moments came during the pool party, which took place of the usual cocktail party in the Jan. 20 episode. The pre-rose ceremony soiree led into a turbulent main event, and one of the ladies at the center of the gossip ended up getting the boot. So, who goes home on Peter's Bachelor Week 3? In the end, four ladies got cut, leaving 15 in the competition for Pilot Pete's heart.

Victoria Paul was the lucky lady to join Peter on a one-on-one date at the start of the week's episode. The pair went line dancing and had a romantic dinner in an airplane hangar, where the pageant queen opened up about her struggles when she was growing up. And while that moment was sweet and totally memorable, Victoria P.'s airtime didn't stop there.

Concerns of Alayah Benavidez's intentions and trustworthiness on the show was brought into question after the group date, which included Alayah, Tammy Ly, Sarah Coffin, Kelley Flanagan, Sydney Hightower, Shiann Lewis, Kiarra Norman, and Savannah Mullins. Bachelor alum Demi Burnett returned to judge the pillow fight championships, and after Alayah and Sydney made it to the final two, Alayah ended up the winner. But tensions got worse between the two later that evening between, when Sydney told Peter she thought Alayah acted differently when cameras were on her versus when they were off.


Following all that, Peter cancelled the cocktail party and opted for a pool party instead. But rather than spending more time getting to know the other ladies, it seemed most of his conversations revolved around Alayah. He asked woman after woman what they thought of Alayah, and they all pretty much agreed with Sydney's concerns. Clearly shook from the revelations, Peter left the pool party early.

Later, Peter still seemed conflicted even as he went through with the rose ceremony. When he got down to his final two roses, he abruptly walked out of the room, leaving the women (and viewers) confused AF. The cameras briefly showed Peter conferring with Chris Harrison, and once the two men returned to the ceremony, Chris removed one of the remaining roses, signifying only one more woman was going to get to stay on the show.

In the end, the women who didn't receive roses were Alayah, Sarah, Jasmine Nguyen, and Alexa Caves. However, the end of the episode revealed Peter wasn't if he made the right decision about Alayah, and the teaser for the Jan. 27 episode revealed Alayah will be returning to the show in some capacity. Considering Peter technically had one more rose to give out (that he chose not to use), perhaps Alayah will get a second chance.

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