Tweets about Peter & the windmill painting are hilarious

This Tiny Detail During A Dramatic 'Bachelor' Moment Has Twitter LOLing

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

The devil works hard, but The Bachelor producers work harder. Kicking off Week 6, Bachelor Peter Weber was seen contemplating his future with the six remaining ladies, while also reminiscing on his past with Hannah Brown. But what's Peter doing throughout this inner monologue? Staring at a painting of a windmill, of course. The moment so perfectly (too perfectly?) called back to his special moments with his former girlfriend, and these tweets about Peter and the windmill painting on The Bachelor show fans definitely did not miss the not-so-subtle callback.

If somehow you missed it, Peter Weber became the center of a media frenzy when Bachelorette Hannah Brown admitted the pair got in on in a windmill not once, not twice, but four times during their super-steamy fantasy suite date. It became such an iconic moment for the Bachelor that it has followed him ever since; a few ladies even showed up on his own season's Night 1 with windmill jokes to break the ice.

Even though Peter went on to become the Bachelor, he can't seem to stop comparing his journey to his experience with Hannah B. At the start of Week 6, he was seen walking the streets of Peru contemplating his six remaining relationships. He stopped to admire a windmill painting (which just happened to be there), while a perfectly timed monologue reminisced: "About a year ago, I obviously fell for Hannah," he noted. Honestly, the moment was too funny not to let pass by, and fans quickly noted the moment on social media.

Fans can watch the rest of Peter's journey on The Bachelor unfold on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC — and keep an eye out for any more windmill-like throwback moments that might be in store for him this season.