Who goes home during Peter's 'Bachelor' Week 6?

These Week 6 'Bachelor' Eliminations Were So Hard To Watch


The week before hometowns is always an interesting one on The Bachelor. For five seasons, the show has skipped formal rose ceremonies this week and instead relied on the Bachelor giving out roses during intimate dates. That's exactly what happened during the Feb. 10 episode, but just because there wasn't a formal ceremony, it didn't mean there was a shortage of OMG moments as Peter pondered who to send home. So for those of you who need a recap of what happened in Peru, here's who goes home during Peter's Bachelor Week 6:

This week, the show followed the contestants to yet another southern destination, Peru, and at this point, it's pretty obvious the producers have been having fun with Peter's Spanish-speaking abilities. But since a total of four ladies said "adios" during Week 5, things were clearly getting a lot more serious. Now down to six potential love matches, Peter had the tough job of choosing two more women to send home before he could move on to next week, which would bring them to the coveted hometown dates.

Going into the episode, fans knew seeing anyone eliminated at this point was going to be tough; after six weeks, fans have grown pretty attached to each contestant (likely some more than others, of course). That said, one can find solace in Peter sending the women home during more private dates, rather than the typical rose ceremony goodbye. It makes the situation feel a bit less contest-y and more personal, which at this point, you'd hope is the case if Peter really is trying to find love.

Madison snagged the first one-on-one in Lima, Peru, and their date seemed to go well for both. She opened up to him about her faith, and he responded by telling her he was falling in love with her. Obviously, she got a rose and advanced to the hometown level.

Natasha was next for a one-on-one, but her date unfortunately didn't go as well as Madison's. "I feel like we do have a really strong connection; I feel really, really good when I’m with you … But I think it’s also important for you to see those things in me as well," she said over dinner. Sadly, Peter felt their relationship was more of a friendship and couldn't offer her the rose. "With the relationships I have and the point that I’m at with them, I can’t give you this rose, and I’m so sorry about that," he said before escorting her out.

The third one-on-one went to Kelsey, and she earned the rose after a sweet makeout sesh followed by an open discussion with Peter about her troubled family life.

Next came the dreaded three-on-one date (with Kelley, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F.) and the ladies went into their one-on-one time with Peter knowing at least one of their group would be sent home. Kelley was sure it wasn't going to be her: "I mean, look at me, I’m an attorney. And the other girls, what are they?" she said to cameras, making her confidence clear as heck. But despite her confidence, her alone time with Peter brought up some questions. As she giggled throughout, Peter questioned her seriousness. "Is it more than just fun for you?" he asked.

Then Peter came back to the other women and pulled the cruelest card out there. He told them he didn't need to go through with their planned dinner because he already knew what he wanted to do with his rose, and he then pulled Victoria F. aside. The others assumed he was sending her home, but alas, he actually offered her a rose.

That left Hannah Ann and Kelley with one rose between them, and in a twist that was obviously shocking to her, Peter sent Kelley home. As he walked Kelley to the car, he expressed his feelings: "You were the relationship that I was probably most excited about in the beginning because of how we met, and If I'm being honest with myself, I might have been holding on to that," he told her.

While most contestants are tearful when they leave the competition, Kelsey kept her composure and criticized the remaining women, saying: "The four that are left are like little babies ... but clearly he doesn't agree."

And just like that, two more women are gone from Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, which leaves Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Victoria F., and Madison in the competition for hometown dates on Feb. 17.