Peter's 'Bachelor' Week 5, Part 2

Here's Who Went Home During Wednesday's Extra-Messy 'Bachelor' Episode

ABC/Francisco Roman

After all the Alayah controversy that happened in Week 4 led to no time for a rose ceremony, Bachelor producers had to catch up somehow in Week 5, airing a three-hour special on Feb. 3 and adding another two-hour episode to the docket on Feb. 5. Of course, that meant quite a few ladies had to say goodbye to Pilot Pete this week. So, for those who need a recap of what happened in Chile, here's who went home during Peter's Bachelor Week 5, Part 2.

The group traveled from Costa Rica to Santiago, Chile, at the beginning of the Feb. 5 episode. Upon arriving, Peter offered Hannah Ann Sluss a one-on-one date, during which she revealed she had never been in love before. Her confession made Peter concerned she might not be ready for something serious with him, but after a tearful "breakthrough," Peter gave her the date's rose.

The other one-on-one date went to Victoria F., and again things didn't go extremely smoothly; Peter was concerned she wasn't opening up to him, and she cried to producers, expressing she wasn't sure she was ready for marriage. At the end of the date, the pair had a heart-to-heart, and Peter offered Victoria the rose and chance to stay another week.

ABC/Francisco Roman

The group date with Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P., Madison, Tammy, Kelley, and Mykenna saw the first elimination of the episode. During the evening portion of the date, Victoria P. decided to address looming tension with Peter over the Alayah situation that seemed to change their dynamic. But their conversation didn't go as planned; Peter revealed he didn't see her as his wife and sent Victoria P. home.

But before the group date even happened, Mykenna had been expressing disappointment over not getting a one-on-one, and apparently packed her bags to leave. Ultimately, she didn't send herself home, but when Tammy and Mykenna were chosen for two-on-one date, Tammy wasn't afraid to disclose this fact to Peter.

"I’m wearing black today because it’s her funeral," Tammy said to cameras after telling Peter she didn't think Mykenna had good intentions. However, Mykenna stuck up for herself and ultimately won Peter over. "Mckenna, I heard everything you have to say tonight, and I trust you," he said, then escorted Tammy out.

But surviving the two-on-one date didn't mean Mykenna would see another week. During the rose ceremony that followed, Peter didn't offer a rose to her or Sydney, meaning four total ladies said goodbye this episode.

So to recap, here's everyone who left during the Feb. 5 episode: Victoria P., Mykenna, Tammy, and Sydney.

And here's who got to stay, at least until Week 6: Kelley, Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison, Natasha, and Victoria F.

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