Tammy and Mykenna on 'The Bachelor'

Mykenna & Tammy's 2-On-1 'Bachelor' Date Was Full Of Chaotic Energy

ABC/Francisco Roman

Whenever a date card appears on The Bachelor, each woman keeps her fingers crossed that she'll be the lucky recipient of a one-on-one date with the lead. The alternative is usually the much less desirable group date or, even worse, no date at all. But, there's also the odd in-between option: the rare two-on-one. In the Feb. 5 episode, Mykenna and Tammy had a two-on-one date on the The Bachelor, and it was the perfect opportunity for some real sparks to fly in a true love triangle.

So far in Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, there's been quite a bit of drama among the women vying for his heart. In the Feb. 3 episode, a lot of that drama was surrounding Tammy Ly, who got in a big fight with Kelsey Weier. That fight turned into an even bigger showdown between Tammy and a few of the other women on the show, especially Mykenna Dorn.

Even though the cocktail party in Costa Rica got canceled, both Tammy and Mykenna stole some private moments with Peter in the middle of the last Rose Ceremony. The other women weren't happy about this, but as everyone traveled to Chile, most of the tension continued between just Tammy and Mykenna.

During the after-party following their telenovela group date, Tammy and Mykenna started arguing over whether either of them was there for the right reasons. Peter overheard it, and Mykenna told him, "Tammy came at me and said I’m not ready for this … I don’t want you to have any fears about me." Peter said he wasn't worried about Mykenna, but still he decided to invited both of them on a two-on-one date for them to sort out their issues.

Tammy said she didn't want to let the "Mykenna show" continue, but Mykenna had her own issues to air out with Tammy. As they waiting for Peter to join them on the date, Mykenna told Tammy, "At the end of the day, you helped me find my voice. I am a strong woman and I won't let you tear me down. Bringing people down never wins." Tammy simply sipped her wine in response to Mykenna, but then she had a whole lot to say to Peter.

Tammy told Peter she believed Mykenna was taking the entire Bachelor process lightly, and then she told the cameras she believed Mykenna was on "borrowed time." But when Mykenna got her chance to talk to Peter, she told him that she thinks Tammy likes to take other people down. She also promised Peter that no matter what Tammy said, she was still fighting for him.

After Tammy and Mykenna exchanged some really harsh words — including Mykenna implying Tammy is the villain of the season — Peter spoke to both of them together. He said he couldn't have both women continue, and since he trusted Mykenna, it was time to send Tammy home. Tammy left, but not before saying that she believed Peter was only after a "trophy wife." Ouch.

Even though Mykenna made it through the two-on-one date, she didn't last on the show much longer. Mykenna did not receive a rose during the Rose Ceremony, and so she ended up following Tammy off the show.

Season 24 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 10, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.