Tweets about going to Ohio on 'The Bachelor' are hilarious

'The Bachelor' Cast Went To Cleveland & Twitter Went Off With Amazing Memes


Fans of The Bachelor know joining the show comes with many perks. On top of possibly finding the love of your life, participants get to live in a huge mansion in California, find some potential friends, and travel the world to go on some of the most romantic dates in TV history. But before contestants pack up their passports and take trips abroad, they first have to make it through at least one rose ceremony on a domestic trip. Destinations change from season to season, so contestants don't know what to expect, and these tweets about Peter's Bachelor contestants going to Cleveland perfectly recap how the ladies felt about this season's first off-site location.

As fans who are familiar with Cleveland can attest, the city can be a wonderful place to explore a blooming relationship. However, the contestants' reactions made them seem less than thrilled to be traveling from California to Ohio. There was a resounding silence when Chris Harrison announced the news about the ladies' first destination outside the Bachelor mansion, and after a bit, they picked up on the fact that they should probably have some sort of positive response. Of course, this whole moment provided the perfect fodder for quality Twitter content, and Bachelor fans did not disappoint.

That said, fans from Cleveland — or those who simply wanted to stick up for the city — were quick to jump in and point out The Bachelor producers were on to something great when they decided to bring the ladies to this destination.

When all is said and done, the best part of The Bachelor are all the dramatic and heartfelt moments, and those seem to stay consistent regardless of the location. Despite the women maybe being a bit wary of their destination at first, Cleveland ended up being the perfect place for Peter to strengthen his bonds with (most of) the ladies.

To watch how Peter's trips (to Cleveland and beyond) unfold, tune in to The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.