Fan theories about Peter's 'Bachelor' finale

These Theories About Peter's 'Bachelor' Finale Are All Over The Place


Fans of The Bachelor know the franchise calls every season "the most dramatic yet" in the trailers, but this time, it really might be the case. Peter Weber's time as the lead has been full of twists and turns that have kept things interesting: Peter has sent women home outside of dates and rose ceremonies, several exes have reappeared, and the Bachelor even sustained a battle wound. With all the chaos that's gone down, it's no wonder fans still aren't quite sure how it's all going to play out in the end. Case in point, there are a number of solid theories about Peter's Bachelor finale out there, and not all of them can come to fruition.

After the Feb. 17 episode of The Bachelor, Peter chose Madison, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F. as his final three contestants, so naturally there are theories each of them will win. But some fans' predictions about who Peter ends up with don't have to do with any of the remaining contestants; other women have popped up this season (like his exes Hannah B. and Merissa), so it's possible they could play a part in his ending. Others speculate the persistent drama of the season might send Peter packing up to go home without a love match. Here are the main theories fans are working with:

1. Hannah Brown Returns

Fans remember former Bachelorette Hannah Brown made a few appearances on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. She showed up at the mansion on Night 1 to return his pilot wings pin he gave her during her season, then came back soon after to host a group date, but ended up in an emotional conversation with Peter. In their tearful talk, she admitted she had lingering feelings towards him. Peter said he felt the same and asked Hannah to join his season.

Although Hannah declined the offer, some viewers have guessed mama Weber's highly-anticipated plea for Peter to "bring her home," seen in the below trailer, actually refer to the former Bachelorette. She did already meet Peter's whole family, after all, and Peter's mom seemed really upset when Hannah dumped her son. Could The Beast come back for her third runner-up's heart in the final episode?

2. Peter Falls In Love With A Producer

Another fan theory says Peter will end up with Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. The theory, which apparently originated on Reddit, pointed out that Peter and Julie spent New Year's Eve together (as evidenced by this photo from Peter's dad's Instagram).

Weber can also be seen in the background of one of LaPlaca's pics in NYC, and Hannah Brown commented that she "approved." Was she giving a thumbs-up to the pic, or the couple in it?

The Reddit user goes on to explain Peter just doesn't seem there with the other girls. "On the previews he says he’s 'crazy in love with her.' ... He doesn’t even seem a little bit in love with any of them yet. Not crazy since they don’t get a ton of time together, but he gets tons of time with his producer... My guess is that she leaves because she doesn’t want to see him get engaged to someone else, and he winds up going after HER," the user wrote.

3. Peter Picks Hannah Ann

There's a strong theory Peter will pick Hannah Ann, and it seems like social media could actually back this one up. Fans noticed Hannah Ann and Peter are the only two people from this season who have private Venmo accounts. Since someone figured out Colton picked Cassie in Season 23 by doing some similar Venmo-sleuthing (the fan noticed Colton was friends with all the Randolphs), it would make sense for Peter and his chosen winner to keep their Venmo accounts private to avoid similar spoiler potentials.

Also, Hannah Ann did receive his first impression rose, which marked her as a frontrunner from the get-go. Fans speculated then that she could become the winner, since the first impression rose does have a correlation with making it far in the competition. Plus, she's the only contestant left who has both told Peter she was in love with him and heard the sentiment back from him. (As of the hometown dates, Madison has yet to drop the L-bomb on Peter, and Peter hasn't yet said those words to Victoria F. yet.)

4. Peter Picks Madison

Another theory gaining major traction is that Peter will end up with Madison, but that's not to say getting there will necessarily be easy.

There's speculation that Madison leaves The Bachelor right before Peter proposes because she finds out the Bachelor had sex with someone else. Since viewers know the tearful moments of Peter's mom saying "bring her back" are coming soon, fans think that his mom could be referring to Madison in that clip — the contestant did bond with the Webers during their vow-renewal ceremony back durin the beginning of the season.

Assuming Madison leaves and Peter chases after her to mend things, she could get the final rose in the finale, or maybe even during "After The Final Rose." Some think the latter might happen, since ABC exec Rob Mills dropped a hint about this season's story not being over yet. A "to be continued" finale ending could be why nobody has any clue how Peter's love story ends.

5. Peter Picks Victoria F.

Peter clearly has a thing for Victoria F., which is why others think she could end up with Peter in the end. She received a second 1-on-1 date before some of the other ladies even had their first one, and it's clear the two have some major passion for one another. Despite their arguments, they continue to seem committed, and getting through tough times is a hallmark of a stable relationship, right?

After a rocky date in her hometown, Victoria told Peter she was falling in love with him, and it seemed to be what he needed to confirm their relationship.

6. Peter Ends Up Alone

It would be quite a shame for Peter to end up single after a full season of The Bachelor, but hey, it's happened before. At the end of the day, it's probably better to end up single than engaged to someone who you're not a perfect match for.


If Madison does send herself home (like the teaser suggests), Peter would lose his apparent frontrunner. Plus, he's expressed concerns about Hannah Ann's readiness to settle down and Victoria F.'s pattern of walking away when things get tough, so it don't seem promising for really any contestant at this point, TBH. Then again, it's the producers' jobs to keep fans hooked, and an unexpected twist is never off the table, so fans will just have to watch the season play out to know for sure how it ends.

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.