Hannah Ann won Peter's first impression rose on 'The Bachelor'

Here’s Why ‘Bachelor’ Fans Are Comparing 1 Of Peter’s Contestants To Luke P.


Hannah Ann Sluss may have earned a few haters during the Jan. 6 premiere of The Bachelor, but she also solidified her spot as an early favorite of the season, so some might say it was a fair trade. The 23-year-old model from Tennessee immediately connected with Bachelor Peter Weber and, after stepping on a few toes in the process, ended up getting Pilot Pete's first impression rose before the evening was over. Naturally, many fans now are speculating that Hannah Ann could win The Bachelor. However, her Night 1 success has also left fans comparing her to another recent first impression rose recipient... and not exactly for the best reasons.

From the moment Hannah Ann stepped out of the limo, Peter seemed enthralled. Throughout the night, she snagged three (yes, three) separate conversations with him, and even gave him a special painting created by her and her dad. After all this, Peter said he appreciated her boldness and offered her the coveted first impression rose.

With their connection evident right off the bat, it's not hard to see Hannah Ann making it far this season. (Peter does seem to have a soft spot for southern ladies named Hannah, after all.) And, history within the franchise shows first impressions can really pay off.

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

The first rose of the season has an especially strong history for The Bachelorette. In Seasons 9 through 14, each of the men who received first impression roses made it to the final two, and four of those men won their seasons: Kaitlyn Bristowe, JoJo Fletcher, Rachel Lindsay, and Becca Kufrin each gave their first and last roses to Shawn Booth, Jordan Rodgers, Bryan Abasolo, and Garrett Yrigoyen, respectively. The first impression rose could have some staying power, too; though Bristowe and Booth split after three years together, the other three couples are still together.

Hannah B. broke the streak in Season 15 by giving her first rose to Luke P. after they shared a PDA-filled Night 1. But while Luke did go on to be in the final four, his controversial comments and clashes with other men in the house made him the season "villain," and Hannah ended up sending him home not once, but twice.

With that in mind, it's not necessarily a good sign for Hannah Ann that fans are comparing her to Luke, not just for receiving the first impression rose but also for how she went about winning it. Both contestants snagged extra time with their potential love matches, kissed the leads on the first night, and rubbed other contestants the wrong way in the process.

Despite receiving some playful skepticism on social media, Hannah Ann also has her share of fans rooting her this season. Her painting skills and gorgeous Night 1 #lewk had many fans excited to see what the rest of her journey has in store:

Whether audiences love her already or are still a bit wary, they probably shouldn't take too much stock in Hannah Ann's first impression rose as a sign she'll end up with Peter. Bachelors have typically had less success than Bachelorettes in predicting true love on Night 1; in the history of The Bachelor, only one first impression rose winner has gone on to win the whole thing.

So, to see for yourself if Hannah Ann wins more than just Peter's first impression rose, tune into The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.