Merissa Pence dated Peter Weber

Pilot Pete's Ex Spilled Some Major Pre-'Bachelor' Tea About Victoria F.


Welp, if Peter Weber's love life wasn't complicated enough as already, it looks like another ex (no, not Hannah Brown) just stepped into the picture. But instead of trying to fight for Peter's heart like the women on The Bachelor, she's actually resurfaced with some not-so-great reviews of another contestant. So, who is Peter Weber's ex, Merissa Pence? According to an interview with Us Weekly, she has a history with more than one person in Bachelor Nation.

Merissa Pence is a Virginia native who reportedly dated Peter for five months in 2012 after she moved to Los Angeles. She told Us Weekly, “We had a great relationship. It was casual, and I got to meet his parents and his brother, and we would just, like, hang out at his parents’ house and go out to lunch or dinner or whatever." The pair apparently remained friends for some time after breaking up before eventually losing touch.

About three years ago, Merissa moved back home to Virginia Beach, Virginia, from Los Angeles, and that's when she crossed paths with one of Peter's final four contestants, Victoria Fuller. Apparently, the two women didn't get along right off the bat; Merissa described to Us Weekly, "Our first encounter was that she told me she was going to slash my tires because I was hanging out with one of her ex-boyfriends." Merissa apparently went on to become good friends with a friend of Victoria F, and said, "We all kind of started hanging out and it just became more of like a forced friendship ... I wouldn’t, like, voluntarily go hang out with her."

Sometimes first impressions don't dictate an entire relationship, but Merissa claimed her clashes with Victoria F. were only amplified after the latter became a Bachelor contestant. Merissa said: "She was about to leave for The Bachelor and she just became a very self-centered person." Merissa also said the personality Victoria F. portrays on the show is different from the person she knows in real life. "The people in Virginia Beach are even seeing that that’s not you at all," she said to Us.

Although Victoria F. has yet to make an official comment about anything Merissa has said about her, she has spoken out about the criticism she's received since being announced as a Bachelor cast member, writing on Instagram: "There will be a time & place where I can defend myself, but for now I choose to wait ... bullying is NOT ok ... Especially when casting judgement and basing opinions upon pure speculation, assumptions, & LIES."

This seemingly tumultuous relationship between Merissa and Victoria F. could mean many different things for Peter — that is, if he found out any of this during filming. For all fans know, this is brand-new information to him... or, maybe this comes to light during Victoria's hometown date. Fans will have to tune in to The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to see how it all shakes out.