Bachelor Nation POPPED Off When Kelsey & Hannah Ann Fought Over Champagne


Every Bachelor contestant comes in with a few things up her sleeve to woo her potential love match, and for Kelsey Weier, it was a 2-year-old bottle of champagne. But, her plan was foiled in the Jan. 13 episode, when Hannah Ann, the 23-year-old model who won Peter's first impression rose, took Kelsey's bottle and opened it to orchestrate her own intimate moment with the Bachelor. With the first impression rose saga not long behind her, the audience now has back-to-back episodes of Hannah Ann finding herself as part of some drama. And these tweets about Kelsey's champagne on The Bachelor perfectly describe how Bachelor Nation is feeling.

While #ChampagneGate undoubtedly rocked Kelsey, her night seemed to be off to a not-so-great start even before that happened. Mykenna, who shared a steamy, top-of-table kiss with Peter on the group date, took him aside again, and left Kelsey with even less time to bond with the Bachelor.

Then, Kelsey's night took an even more disappointing turn when Hannah Ann came into the picture and took the champagne Kelsey placed delicately by the fireplace. She heard the pop from the distance and found Hannah Ann and Peter sitting with a bottle of open champagne. She cried to her friends and cameras saying, "I think she [Hannah Ann] knew what she was doing." She called Hannah Ann a snake and fought off hysterics.

Although Peter was quick to check on her, and Hannah Ann insisted the even was a simple mistake, Kelsey was still a bit shaken by the event.

Twitter, as it does, quickly buzzed with reaction from this dramatic event:

To make matters even more cringe-worthy, when Kelsey found time with Peter, she took a sip from the *other* bottle of champagne and it immediately overflowed and splashed into her face. Bachelor Nation had a hard time containing themselves at this point. Girl, at least it can only go up from here, right?

To watch the rest of Kelsey's journey unfold with Peter (hopefully without bubbles in her face), tune into The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.