Cheating Husband Caught After Wife Uses 'Find My iPhone'


Imagine generously lending your iPhone to your significant other after theirs breaks. Now, imagine finding out they've been cheating on you for quite some time after using the "Find My iPhone" app connected to your old phone.

That's exactly what happened to a 33-year-old woman named Khadijah Bilal.

According to, Bilal had suspected her 35-year-old husband of cheating on her, but she wasn't able to narrow it down until his phone broke and she let him borrow her old iPhone.

Khadijah Bilal

Unfortunately for him, her phone was still connected to her handy dandy "Find My iPhone" app. The Moseley-based woman spoke to, saying,

So, how exactly did she go about proving her husband was a lying, cheating scumbag? She used her own intuition, a private investigator and a sweet, little thing called technology.

The woman says her husband became noticeably restless and easily bored at home after Bilal gave birth to their second child, according to the report.

Since 2013, the biggest red flag in her eye was when he refused to spend Christmas with her and their family.

Khadijah Bilal

At that point, she just knew something was up. That's when she used "Find My iPhone" to track his whereabouts after he began telling her he was going to the gym strangely often.

When she noticed he had been frequently venturing to an unknown location about 19 miles away from their home, she hired a private investigator to dig deeper.

As always, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Thanks to "Find My iPhone" and a significant amount of research, she eventually had enough evidence to confront her cheating husband... So, on January 7, she did!

Bilal told reporters,

As of now, Khadijah Bilal is currently planning their divorce. With that being said, don't ever underestimate the power of an Apple product.

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