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Jennifer Coolidge's go-to Dunkin' order is an iced classic.

Jennifer Coolidge's Go-To Dunkin' Order Is An Iced Classic

I bet it’d be good with macarons.

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Tanya McQuoid might be known for her love of macarons, but Jennifer Coolidge is all about Dunkin’. In the hours leading up to her Golden Globes win on Tuesday, Jan. 10, the White Lotus star posted a pic her favorite drink from the coffee giant on her IG Story, and Jennifer Coolidge’s go-to Dunkin’ order is an iced classic. Be ready to make a swap if you’re a ride-or-die oatmilk stan — if you want to go full Coolidge on your coffee run, you’ll be enjoying another dairy-free alternative in your iced coffee.

If you weren’t too busy watching the Golden Globes red carpet on Tuesday night, you might’ve seen Coolidge gearing up for the big evening with a Dunkin’ cup in hand on Instagram. As her team was putting the finishing touches on her glam, the Legally Blonde actress was busy fueling up with some liquid courage. OK, not that kind of liquid courage, but she did kick off the night with Dunkin’s Almond Milk Iced Coffee, per a rep for Coolidge.

The actress posted the photo of her drinking the coffee to her Story on Jan. 10 with the caption, “Running on @Dunkin’ tonight for the Golden Globes!” She also took a stance on the iced coffee (even if it’s cold out) debate with the hashtag #DunkinIced.


This wasn’t a one-time thing to keep the nerves at bay, either, because according to Coolidge’s rep, an iced coffee with almond milk is her go-to order. I’m not saying the drink was her good luck charm, but she *did* win her first Golden Globe for her role in The White Lotus a few hours later — just something to think about.

ICYMI, the The Watcher star stole the show with a speech that made The White Lotus creator Mike White cry. In true Coolidge fashion, the speech took too many tangents to count, and was filled with plenty of hilarious stories (and expletives), too. She even joked that her neighbors didn’t talk to her until The White Lotus took off, saying, “I was never invited to one party on my hill. And now everyone’s inviting me!”

When she’s not enjoying her iced coffee in a sparkly gown and full glam, Coolidge also loves grabbing something from Dunkin’s vegan menu, per her rep. So if you’re thinking of trying the sip for yourself, you might as well go all-in on the Coolidge cosplay and order an English muffin, avocado toast or some hash browns to go with it. (FYI, Dunkin’s menu items are all prepared in the same place, which means all vegan items aren’t certified vegan and are at risk of cross-contamination.)

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You can also channel Tanya’s love of sweets with a deal that lets you score a Dunkin’ Donut for $1 with every purchase of a Medium or Large Coffee from the chain. The deal will be ongoing through 2023, which means there will be plenty of chances to sip like Coolidge when you order Dunkin’s Almond Milk Iced Coffee and donut combo for yourself.

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