Jennifer Coolidge's zodiac sign doesn't match that of her 'White Lotus' character, Tanya McQuoid.

Jennifer Coolidge's Zodiac Sign Is The Real Plot Twist

Her White Lotus character’s birth chart is probably the exact opposite.


Jennifer Coolidge is really having a *moment*. After taking home the 2022 Emmy Award for outstanding supporting actress for her standout role in Season 1 of The White Lotus — with the acceptance speech to end all acceptance speeches — the icon continued to steal the show as the only lead to return for Season 2 of the HBO Max anthology series. This led me, an astrologer, down the rabbit hole of the Legally Blonde actor’s birth chart, and to say I was wrong about Jennifer Coolidge’s zodiac sign would be an understatement.

As I tuned in to the second season of the satire, I confidently predicted Coolidge’s sign, based on her convincing portrayal of Tanya McQuoid, an extremely wealthy, oblivious woman searching to fill an inner void that even her money can’t repair. Since I typically have a knack for guessing an actor’s zodiac sign based on the roles they tend to play (see my thoughts on Penn Badgley and Zendaya), I thought I had this one in the bag as well. But a quick Google search humbled me almost as quickly as Tanya tied the knot with Greg between seasons. My prediction was that Jennifer Coolidge simply had to be a Pisces, but her actual zodiac sign couldn’t be more different. If anything, this discovery only further proves that she’s a terrific actor.

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What Is Jennifer Coolidge’s Zodiac Sign?

Jennifer Coolidge was born on Aug. 28, which makes her a Virgo sun, the exact opposite sign of my original guess, Pisces. As a mutable earth sign, Virgos are top-tier communicators who tend to prioritize productivity, logic, and efficiency. Nine times out of 10, they are the most practical-minded people (aka everything that Tanya isn’t).

What Is Tanya McQuoid’s Zodiac Sign?

If I had to guess, Coolidge’s White Lotus character is a Pisces sun, because they’re known to be idealistic, impractical, and sometimes a bit aloof. They’re the dreamers of the zodiac, and they excel at envisioning what’s possible, even if it appears to be farfetched. Despite her age, riches, and life experience, Tanya still has a childlike, naive vibe to her, which *screams* Pisces. The fact that Coolidge is nothing like this IRL comes as a major surprise — but that could be why she felt so drawn to play this character.

Why Jennifer Coolidge’s Sign Makes Her Perfect To Play White Lotus’ Tanya

As a Virgo, who’s all about logic and reason, Jennifer Coolidge likely enjoys playing roles that allow her to be the polar opposite to her true personality. Portraying Tanya gives her the chance to channel her gullible, illusive side, which she told Rolling Stone that she’s “grown out of with age.” Sister signs like Virgo and Pisces tend to share many similarities, because they share the same mutable modality, and complementary elements; that’s why you’ll often notice people with opposite signs becoming BFFs, or even getting married. In astrology, opposites definitely do attract, and there’s likely something within Jennifer Coolidge’s Virgo tendencies that enjoys characters that are incredibly out of touch with reality.