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How to send a Venmo payment with virtual Mariah Carey gift wrap.

How To Send A Venmo Payment With Virtual Mariah Carey Gift Wrap

All I want for Christmas is cash.

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The queen of Christmas herself is about to make all of your Venmo payments in December the most glamorous money transfers you’ve ever sent. From paying your friend back for Friday night sushi to finally settling up on the sibling holiday gift for your parents, you can gift wrap all your Venmo payments with a virtual Mariah Carey design. Carey partnered with Venmo on Dec. 7 to create a limited-edition digital gift wrap you can send with your transfers at no additional cost. We’re not talking a little red-and-white emoji — it’s a literal video that will play to help get whoever you’re paying into the holiday spirit. If you’re new to the process, here’s how you can gift wrap a payment on Venmo, and make it extra cheery with some Carey influence.

It turns out all Carey wants for Christmas is to make paying money a little more fun. From now through the end of 2022, the Mariah Carey gift wrap will be available in the Venmo app to add on with any transaction. The lucky recipient of your cash gift will be able to “unwrap” the cash and watch the animation of Mariah Carey with the message, “Happy Holidays, Dahlings.” If only there was music in the background, it would be the icing on the cake.

Whether you’re splitting the cost of gifts with friends and family, or gifting straight-up cash, this limited-time Venmo feature will get you in the holiday spirit. You can actually wrap your payments all year round, but Carey is only around while the peppermint mochas are flowing.

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How To Send A Mariah Carey Gift Wrapped Venmo

You’ve probably heard “All I Want For Christmas Is You” more times than you can count, but Carey’s holiday influence is about go far beyond your headphones. When whoever you send money to opens the Venmo transfer, it will reveal a cartoon version of Carey as a snow angel in a flowing white dress. Here’s how you can get in on the fun:

  • Open the Venmo app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the "Pay or Request" button on the home screen.
  • Add the recipient, payment note and payment amount.
  • Tap the gift wrap icon.
  • Choose the Mariah Carey gift wrap (it should be at the top), and send.

Not sure what to give wrapped in Carey’s cartoon likeness? According to data from Venmo, “receiving cash is the number one preferred gift for many during the holidays.” So, skip the holiday shopping crowds and let your friends and family choose what to spend their gift on this year in Mariah Carey style.