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Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets Release Date Meaning In Astrology

There’s *a lot* going on cosmically on April 19.

by Lisa Stardust

Taylor Swift is known for her Easter eggs — that’s what makes the numerous hidden clues surrounding her upcoming album so obvious. The Tortured Poets Department, out April 19, is expected to revolve around her six-year relationship with ex Joe Alwyn. The cosmic timing of its release all but confirms it.

As an astrologer, I have observed that certain celestial themes may be linked to the release date of an album (Swift’s Midnights drop days before a Scorpio solar eclipse is a great example), which could provide insight into the record's content and depth. While this is purely a matter of cosmic speculation, I do believe that we can derive significance from the stars.

The Release Of TTPD Occurs At The Most Creative Time Of The Year

The Tortured Poets Department is an especially clever name given the vibe of its release date. April 19 happens to be the first day of Taurus season, and this earth sign could definitely be described as a tortured poet (as could every sign during Mercury retrograde, TBH).

Not only is the record expected to showcase Swift’s artistic abilities — a well-known Taurus trait — but songs like “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys,” “But Daddy I Love Him,” and “loml” will likely touch upon Swift’s past relationship with Alwyn. As Taurus is known for being stubborn and fearful of the unknown, it is possible that the album could explore Swift's uncertainties about the relationship and whether or not it could withstand issues from being in the public eye.

Instagram/Taylor Swift

She’s touched on this theme before: In the track “Peace” on 2020’s Folklore, Swift muses about the desire for privacy, asking “Would it be enough if I could never give you peace?” She was dating Alwyn at the time, and she pretty much confirmed in a Rolling Stone interview that the song was about their relationship. Based on the Taurus season energy, Swifties can expect more reflective tracks like this on TTPD.

The Virgo Moon Will Spill The Tea

During TTPD’s release, the moon will be in the sign of Virgo and in its waxing gibbous phase, which means it’ll be on its way to completion. (The full moon in Scorpio will occur on April 23.)

This points to a time of exposing things that need to be seen. The moon in Virgo is analytical and truthful. It likes to share information practically. Since the Mercurial moon likes to dish out information, it’s likely Swift will let listeners in on a lot of critical moments that defined and broke her relationship.

Frazer Harrison/Staff/Getty Images

The helpful and service-oriented Virgo moon offers insight into the nuances of her past relationship, and the song titles hint at that. “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)” refers to the relatable (if unhelpful) desire to change someone you’re dating, while “The Alchemy” speaks to a process of healing and moving on. But, since the Virgo moon is a tad critical, it’s not surprising there are some shady titles on the tracklist as well (looking at you, “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”).

During the Tokyo Eras Tour, Swift told fans that she had been working on TTPD for about two years, ever since she turned in Midnights. That places it in the same window of time when she and Alwyn reportedly broke up, in April 2023 (though some Swifties believe their split may have happened months earlier).

It’s also rumored that Sept.28, 2016, was the day when the two first got together. Interestingly, the moon was in Virgo on that day, which adds to the theory that Swift chose the astrology of this time to reveal all the juicy details.

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Based on the moon’s position in this earth sign, though, this album isn't necessarily just about her breakup with Alwyn — it’s about how she mended her own heart and became a stronger person as a result. The track “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart” hints at the same idea.

The practical Virgo moon realizes the need for a perfect fairy-tale relationship is unrealistic and non-existent. Throughout the album, Swift may convey that life is messy and relationships are complex. The idea of “happily ever after” should not be the only goal.

Mercury Retrograde Will Resurface All The Feels

Swift's album is set to be released during Mercury retrograde, which began on April 1 and will last until April 25. The retrograde period occurs in Aries, which is in harmony with Swift’s Sagittarius sun since they're both fire signs. This allows her to remember the past and assert her side of the relationship with gusto and passion.

On April 19, Mercury retrograde will also connect with Venus, the planet of love, in the same sign and degree. This indicates that Swift may want to convey her heartfelt emotions and feelings to her ex through her music, and the album may be a passionate and reflective love letter.

Due to Mercury’s moonwalk, Swift may also reveal things about the former relationship that were meant to be kept secret. Ooh, the drama.

The Most Dramatic Cosmic Transit Of 2024 Is Happening The Following Day

Action planet Mars will be in the dreamy sign of Pisces on April 19 and harmonize with Jupiter and Uranus, which will be gearing up for their exact conjunction (when two planets link up at the same degree and sign) in Taurus the following day, on April 20.

This significant transit indicates that TTPD is going to set the tone for the next 14 years of Swift’s artistic career. Listeners will get to see behind the veil and into her heart, since Jupiter and Uranus urge everyone to be real.

The Rare Total Solar Eclipse Dropped The Biggest Easter Egg Of All

In the midst of all the eclipse madness on April 8, Swift dropped a major clue on her Instagram stories. She posted an image of a typewriter with the lyrics, “Crowd goes wild at her fingertips / Half moonshine, full eclipse.”

Total solar eclipses are a time of healing, releasing, and kickstarting new beginnings, which could complete the fifth stage of grief that Swifties are speculating as the theme of the album.

Instagram/Taylor Swift

One thing is for sure: The cosmic climate that aligns with the release date of The Tortured Poets Department will help anyone going through the heart-wrenching stages of a breakup. Astrology guarantees that this will be a go-to album for anyone who wants to cry their eyes out about an ex, get closure about the past, and motivate themselves to move forward in life. It’ll be cathartic not only for Swift, but for all Swifties.