Indoor shot of professional female artist painting on canvas in studio with plants.

These Are The Most Creative Zodiac Signs, So Count On Them For Inspiration

by Valerie Mesa

Creativity is subjective, but in the end, all worthy pieces of work should be open to interpretation. Truth is, it doesn't matter whether you're entertaining the idea of writing, or expressing yourself through a blank canvas; you are the creator. So, my interpretation of the three most creative zodiac signs are Taurus, Leo, and Pisces.

While you could argue that self-expressive Gemini or adventurous Sagittarius — or any of the other seven zodiac signs — are also worthy of the title, I'm sticking with these three.

Let's say you were born with a midheaven in Leo. The midheaven sign (Medium Coeli, MC, or Middle Sky)— aka the zodiac sign that rules their 10th house — is a representation of one's public image and legacy in the world; it's also symbol of their most dominant parent. Nevertheless, someone with their MC in Leo will probably choose a career path that allows them to express themselves both fearlessly and unapologetically. For instance, all things related to the arts, such as acting, singing, and creating in general, is right up Leo's alley. Taurus and Pisces are similar, but that was just one example.

Here, let me further prove to you why Taurus, Leo, and Pisces are the most creative signs in the zodiac:


Taurus: You Decorate The World With Your Venusian Aesthetics

You emanate beauty, Taurus. Aside from the fact you're ruled by none other than the irresistible lady Venus — Goddess Aphrodite, planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and sensual delights — if it were up to you, you'd be surrounded by luxury and all things aesthetically pleasing, at all times. Similar to your sister signs, Virgo and Capricorn, you prefer quality over quantity. (That is, unless you're referring to making money, of course.) Everyone knows you appreciate the finer things in life, but it's mainly because you're a lover of the details and of the fabulous craftsmanship. You're a lavish event planner, and an even better singer, compliments of Venus.

Leo: You Use Your Innate Gifts To Create And Express Yourself

What would the world do without you, Leo? After all, some of the best artists, dancers, musicians, and overall performers, were born under this majestic fire sign. Ruled by the ever-glowing sun, your divine light shines through effortlessly, and even more so when you're able to express yourself via the arts. Your ruling element fire is a symbol of fertility, which is what fuels your innate creativity, and childlike joy. In the end, despite your sign's reputation for being "overly dramatic," you will always thrive when you can be unapologetically yourself. Besides, it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there, and you do it better than anyone I know.

Pisces: Your Colorful Imagination Is Magically Vivid


You're the epitome of Hollywood, Pisces. The reason I say that is, your dreamy planetary ruler, Neptune — planet of dreams and the subconscious — governs all things related to art, film, music, and the universal realm (where you go when you sleep). It's who you are when you dream, and your dreams are incredibly vivid. It's compassion, faith, and inspiration. It's mysticism and the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you fall in love. As a child of mystifying Neptune, you are naturally ethereal-like and otherworldly. So much so, you typically prefer to wear rose-colored glasses in hopes of avoiding harsh realities. You emanate universal love, but make sure you don't get lost in your fantasies.