These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Have A Job In A Creative Field

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It's clear that we need doctors, lawyers, and business people in order for society to function well. Your parents probably dreamed of you becoming a successful contributor to the world, someone who makes good money and has a career that instantly inspires admiration and awe. However, while these professionals might be the backbone of society, it's artists and creatives who are the lifeblood. If you're wondering who's willing to take the leap and commit to a career in the arts, these zodiac signs are most likely to have a job in a creative field: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Whether they're artists, musicians, jewelry makers, or writers, these zodiac signs will find a way to infuse their career with creativity.

Due to the prevailing stereotype of the "starving artist," most wouldn't encourage their kids to make their living this way. The arts are seen as a risk, something that should remain as a hobby, or a career that only a few lucky souls will succeed in financially supporting themselves with. However, these four zodiac signs couldn't care less. In their opinion, there is so much more to life than just stability. If they can't live, breathe, and dream about creating art, then what's the point?


Gemini: Self-Expression Is The Reason They Live

A Gemini has an insatiable desire to express whatever's stirring inside of them. Using art as a medium, they can articulate all the many thoughts, desires, and feelings they have. Known for their duality, they're open to many different perspectives and they can empathize with all sides of a spectrum. If they don't have the opportunity or the medium to adequately express what they're trying to say, a Gemini will become bored, frustrated, or even depressed.

This flittering and fluttering air sign is known for its exquisite writers, poets, speakers, directors, and actors. Through a Gemini, we can communicate and understand every aspect of the human experience.

Leo: They Experience Life With Romance In Mind

A Leo adores glitz, glam, and shining bright under a spotlight. They need beauty, whimsy, pleasure, and art like we all need oxygen in order to breathe. Embodying the magic that they themselves perceive, a Leo will do anything to add more sparkle to their world. Being creative comes as naturally to them as merely existing, and a career in the arts would bring a Leo closest to their purest self. Wiling away their life by doing something boring, repetitive, and without frills would leave their soul hungry.

Being the roaring lion of all fire signs, a Leo would be happiest with a career as a performer, an actor, a musician, a dancer, or anything that gets them in front of an audience.

Sagittarius: They're Adventurers At Heart

A Sagittarius is a connoisseur of the world and their art is living. They do everything with a passion to learn more, experience more, and taste more. A Sagittarius is able to make every moment, even the ones that most would consider boring or monotonous, exciting. They live in the moment and interact creatively with their surroundings at all times. To take away their penchant for the spice of life is to take away the very thing that makes a Sagittarius a Sagittarius.

You'd find a wild and spirited fire sign like Sagittarius embarking on a career as an explorer, a traveler, a performer, a director, a dancer, or anything that allows them to shake up their day-to-day.

Pisces: Their Imagination Is An Endless Playground

The imagination of a Pisces is as vast and endless as the ocean. Their subconscious is brimming with inventiveness, escapism, and artistry. Through their visions, they are able to conceive of brilliant, artistic ideas. There's simply no better career for a Pisces than one that allows them to fully immerse themselves in their dream world. Constantly discovering new ways to look at our world, it would be such a waste if a Pisces couldn't share their creativity with the world through their career.

This vivid and intuitive water sign makes amazing painters, sculptors, writers, poets, actors, thinkers, and directors. All they need is a medium through which they can tell their stories.

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