Why People Love Following You On Instagram, According To Your Midheaven Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Have you ever wondered what makes you uniquely entertaining? In astrology, the ascendant governs our personality and first impression, while the midheaven determines our reputation and destiny in the world. Before I tell you what your midheaven sign reveals about why people follow you on Instagram, here's the scoop on this astrological placement, and why it's so important to consider.

First thing's first: Nothing is coincidence, especially when it pertains to the stars. Every single part of your birth chart represents a different part of your core being, and energetic expression. The Midheaven is another term for the cusp of the 10th house, which is located at the very top of the chart. This is the most visible and public point in a person's birth chart, as it represents our career, destiny, and overall social standing in the world.

Here's a good example of the midheaven: Marilyn Monroe was born with a Gemini sun, Leo ascendant, and Taurus midheaven. The late starlet left a very Venusian mark in Hollywood; her curves are famous to this day. See where I'm going with this? The world never saw her inquisitive Gemini sun firsthand, though, chances are, many of her castmates probably witnessed her shiny charisma, thanks to that Leo rising. Can you imagine what her Instagram game would be like? She'd definitely give Beyoncé and the Kardashians a run for their money, that's for sure. Here's a closer look at each midheaven sign, and a celebrity with the same astrological placement for your reference.

Aries: You're Bold And Fiercely Entertaining

You come across as bold, competitive, and utterly fearless. You love a good challenge, and you enjoy taking risks. Like Angelina Jolie, you also have an edge to your look, not to mention smoldering sex appeal.

Taurus: You're Irresistible And Aesthetically Pleasing AF

You exude glamour and wealth. You come across as earthy, sensual, and visually appealing. You charm your followers' socks off, and your bio probably has "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," next to a few diamond emojis. Long story short, you look like a money bag.

Gemini: You're Intellectually Stimulating And A Technology Connoisseur

You're sharp, witty, and extremely analytical. You thrive on getting your message across, and you somehow discover the latest tech updates and iPhone apps before anyone else. Like the late Apple CEO, people recognize you for your words and unique intelligence.

Cancer: You're Deeply Intuitive And Communicate On A Soul Level

You exude emotional depth. You come across as maternal and family-oriented. You connect with your followers on an intuitive level, and they can't seem to get enough of your virtual warmth. Chances are, you have a Beyhive, too. You can't help it, people are drawn to you.

Leo: Your Presence Is Highly Creative And Over-The-Top

Your social media presence is larger-than-life, and your followers are pretty positive you're living your best life, at all times. Your energy lights up a room, and your Instagram game is totally unique. Just like Katy Perry, you'll make sure that everyone hears you roar.

Virgo: You're Perfectly On Point And All About The Details

Aside from slaying the 'Gram with your flawless looks and utter perfection, you're also incredibly analytical and thorough with your messaging. It's no coincidence Kim Kardashian had thoughts about being a detective. Her analytical Virgo midheaven and penetrating Mercury in Scorpio are a lethal combination.

Libra: You're Polished And Overflowing With Charm

Your selfie game is strong AF. Venus is Libra's ruling planet, and its symbol is a representation of Aphrodite's mirror. You love all things beauty, and that's exactly what you bring to the world. Kylie Jenner is a cosmetics mogul of our time, thanks to her Libra midheaven, of course.

Scorpio: You're Intense AF And Unafraid Of Addressing Taboo Topics

You're polarizing and extremely passionate. They either love you or hate you, but chances are, you still got a big reputation. Your career is likely to undergo an intense transformation at some point, but in the end, you'll rise again like the phoenix. You love posting sexy selfies.

Sagittarius: You're Philosophical And Incredibly Influential

"Ground Control to Major Tom." You're on an eternal quest and journey to self. Your feed consists of colorful photography, exotic adventures, and philosophical messaging. You love sharing all that you know with the world, as long as you're free to come and go.

Capricorn: You're Persevered AF And Epitomize The Word Bo$$

You are serious about your goals, and you always mean business. You're highly respected via Instagram, and everyone knows not to mess with you. Remember when RiRi deleted her Instagram back in 2014? That just goes to show she doesn't play around.

Aquarius: You're Original And Unconventional AF

You're stellar AF, and your feed overflows with color and originality. You're a rebel at heart, and you want the world to know. Whether you're conducting a live science experiment or simply hanging on a wrecking ball, you always make noise.

Pisces: You're Deeply Emotional And Artistic AF

This is the most artistic of the midheaven signs. Two words: Lady Gaga. Need I say more? You come across as artistic, magical, and otherworldly. You're unlike anything anyone has every seen, and your creative muse stems from your emotions. You're a natural performer, and your gift is the ability to communicate through artistic expression.