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Fans are convinced of a TikTok theory that '1989 (Taylor's Version)' will be a double album release....
Swifties Think Taylor’s Merch Is A 1989 Double Album Release Clue

Still hoping for a Harry Styles collab.

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Swifties have a lot to enjoy this fall with both The Eras Tour concert film and the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on Oct. 27, but when it comes to Taylor Swift, they also know to expect the unexpected. Swift, who’s the queen of masterminding and leaving easter eggs everywhere she goes, had fans unpacking the theory that Taylor Swift’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version) would be a double album release — and the clues were pretty convincing.

While fans did get a surprise 1989 (Taylor’s Version) [Deluxe] album drop with the re-recorded “Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (Taylor’s Version)” on it, Swifties still believe the singer has something else up her sleeve and hidden in the vault. Double album truthers on TikTok have been piecing together hints of two 1989 releases since 2019. It all started with “The Man” music video from Swift’s Lover album, where Swifties spotted “1989” graffitied on the wall twice, and fans have since picked up numerous other clues that seem to support the theory of a 1989 double album.

With telling OOTDs, music video easter eggs, things Swift has said, and even costumes on the Eras Tour that fans are only noticing after seeing the movie, looking at all these clues on TikTok that are pointing to two 1989 releases will also really make you believe that something is coming.

The “1989” Graffiti In “The Man” Music Video
Taylor Swift

“The Man” music video has a scene where Swift dressed as a man stands near a wall that is filled with graffiti that lists off all her stolen albums. At the time, Swifties were too distracted by the “Karma” in the center that many thought referenced the alleged lost album that was supposed to be released after 1989 before the Kim Kardashian “SnakeGate” of 2016.

However, there was also something mysterious happening in the upper left corner. Fans have now noticed that there is not one but two mentions to 1989, which has sparked the double album release theory.

Something to note as well is that one “1989” is painted in white, while the other is a black or dark blue “1989.” The font on the original 1989 album was a black marker, but the new album cover has white writing, as TikToker pointed out. If there is a second 1989 album, it could be the return of the black marker font.

The Glitch In Taylor’s “Wildest Dreams” TikTok

In 2021, there was a “Wildest Dreams” TikTok transition trend, where users would turn their head and cut away to another shot of themselves that would slow zoom in while they lip-synced to the song. Swift later participated in the trend herself, and released the re-recorded “Wildest Dreams” early so that fans could join in with “Taylor’s Version.” Her TikTok, though, featured a glitch that for a second pixelated the video.

Anyone who was on TikTok at the time may remember that this pixel problem was a common bug in a lot of videos, but Swifties believe the glitch was intentional. Or, at least, they believe that Swift has embraced it for her 1989 release and using it to hint at something to come.

When Swift wanted to announce her 1989 (TV) vault tracks, she had fans solve 33 million puzzles through Google search, and one of the answers was “glitch.” Taylor Nation even posted about the glitch on the two-year anniversary of her TikTok. Why draw attention to it unless it’s something important?

The Mystery Of No New Collaborators On 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

On every other re-recorded album, there are other artists featured on some of the vault tracks — except 1989 (Taylor’s Version). It was a surprise to see that Swift had no collaborations, especially since the 1989 era was most known for being Swift’s squad era.

At each of The 1989 World Tour shows, Swift had surprises guests walk the runway with her that included some of her best friends like Karlie Kloss and Selena Gomez as well as A-list celebs like Julia Roberts. It was a precursor to the surprise songs of The Eras Tour, so it was a real shock to see no collaborations on the re-record.

It was just as surprising to originally see no mention of the “Bad Blood (Remix)” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The Grammy Award-winning rapper was spotted leaving Swift’s party at NYC’s Electric Lady Studios in May, which many Swifties assumed was when he was recording his part for the new album. Since Swift surprise dropped Lamar’s “Bad Blood” just eight hours after the standard 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release, fans think additional vault songs with more collaborations might be coming to the deluxe album.

While it’s hard to believe there will be a “Style” featuring Harry Styles after listening to the scathing lyrics supposedly about the Harry’s House singer in “Is It Over Now? (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault),” some fans are holding out hope.

Taylor’s “Different Genres” Speech At The 2023 VMAs
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans have speculated that if there is a second album, it could also be a different genre like a rock version of 1989. Swift even fueled the fire of these rumors with her 2023 Video Music Awards speech, where she said, “I love slinking around different genres.”

While many were focused on the obvious reputation easter egg of Swift doing a snake motion while saying “slinking,” that distracted from the singer possibly announcing a second version of 1989.

Taylor Has Been Wearing Alternating Black And Blue Outfits

Swift is no longer hiding in the basement — she’s being her “bejeweled” self, getting snapped by the paparazzi every other day. Along with noticing who Swift is hanging out with lately, fans have also taken note of the outfits she’s wearing. As TikToker @ashleyburdette pointed out, Swift has also been spotted either wearing a blue or black OOTD.

Many assumed this was another reputation easter egg — since the album has been associated with the dark color — but that could just be a red (lipstick) herring. Instead, this could be a nod to two 1989 albums. The album we know is coming has a blue color palette, but if there is a second album, it may take on this black color scheme.

It fits with the blue and black nail polish seen in the “Karma” music video featuring Ice Spice. This would also explain the glitch on Swift’s website that showed a black 1989 logo.

The Shania Twain Influence On Taylor
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Going back to the idea that Swift spends years leaving clues for fans to find, let’s travel to 2021. Participating in the “Mama Said” trend on TikTok, Swift shared that she “learned from the best” (aka Shania Twain) when she jumped from the country genre to pop. In 2002, country singer Twain released three versions of her Up! album — a country, pop, and international version.

Knowing this, fans have speculated that Swift might be doing the same with 1989. This would feed into the different genres theory as well. On Oct. 3, Swift also wore a Shania Twain shirt when spotted in NYC, which is either an easter egg or just a cute fashion moment.

The Fifth Floor Of The “Bejeweled” Music Video

The “Bejeweled” music video was littered with easter eggs left and right. It pointed towards the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) release, but also hinted at 1989 as the next album — and it was all true. After Swift stops on the third floor (Speak Now is her third album), she gets off on the fifth floor (1989 is her fifth album).

While she’s there, she does a burlesque dance opposite Dita Von Teese. While most people would just find this entertaining, TikToker @lilyallenstanaccount couldn’t help but notice the double meaning. Having a dark-haired Dita Von Teese dressed the same as Swift makes you wondering if this is a nod to the rumored black 1989.

Taylor’s Chaotic Caption Announcing Her Track List

When Swift announced her full track list, including the vault songs, her Instagram caption contained a word that Swifties have seen before: “Thank you for playing along, sleuthing, puzzling and making these reveals so much chaotic fun.” The last time Swift used the word “chaotic,” it was to announce that there was a “special very chaotic surprise” for her Midnights album release, which ended up being the bonus Midnights (3am Edition). Could chaotic be code for second album?

The Back Of The Album Covers Spell Out “Two”

When Swift announced her vault tracks, she also revealed the back cover art for the 1989 albums. Swifties hoping for a double album realized right away that Swift seems to be spelling out the word “two” with her body in the photos. It looks as though she’s screaming it.

The Beach Album Versus City Album Debate
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For years, Swifties have assumed that 1989 is a city album. After all, it begins with the track “Welcome to New York” and Swift spent a lot of her time in NYC while writing it. That’s why fans were confused when the album cover art was released and gave off more of a beach vibe.

Sure, there are beaches in New York, but the coastal aesthetic didn’t seem to sit right with some Swifties. That was until the double album theory started making the rounds. Now, it makes sense that Swift would have one beach album and one city album that encapsulates the late nights in New York. That also fits in with the blue beach and black city color schemes.

The Black And White Costumes In Her 1989 Set

Getting to see the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie on the big screen has allowed Swifties to see details they missed at the concert. Knowing that everything Swift does is intentional and has a purpose, fans are questioning the black and white outfits worn by her dancers during the 1989 set. Typically, her dancers are seen wearing costumes that either match her or at least fit the vibe of the era, and black and white feels a bit out of place — unless you’re thinking about the black and white theory.

Some fans, like TikToker @normareckas, believe this second album will be in black and white. It definitely fits the “Out of the Woods” lyrics, “The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.” A black and white album would fit the city vibes of the beach versus NYC debate, and explains the black and white glitch on the website.

You might be upset you didn’t notice this possible easter egg at the beginning of the tour, but this isn’t even the oldest clue to the black and white 1989 second album theory. TikToker @13tywilson recently pointed out that back in 2021, Swift’s fall TikTok inspired by her Tumblr post may have been hiding the black and white album cover all along. And what era did Swift originally write that post in? The 1989 era in 2014. And when did she post the TikTok? On Oct. 26, which is almost exactly two years before the release date of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on Oct. 27. To quote Sally Field in Mrs. Doubtfire: “The whole time?!”

The Cryptic Instagram Posts From The Vault
Rachel Chapman

Adding fuel to the double album theory fire, Swift shared mysterious handwritten posts on her Instagram Story leading up to the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version). On Oct. 24, she shared lyrics from her vault song “Is It Over Now?” along with a link to pre-save the album captioned, “1989 (My Version) in 3 days!!!”

To continue the countdown, on Oct. 26, Swift shared another cryptic message on IG that some believed to be lyrics at first. However, Swifties on TikTok theorized that they could be song titles from the rumored second album. “These are not lyrics, these are song titles,” TikToker @repudaytion shared before pointing out that each line was written in different font with alternating blue and black ink. TikToker @thethriftyswiftie also noticed that each potential song title was written with different pens.

Back in 2022, Swift said that her songs go into three different categories based on their lyrics. Those categories are “Fountain Pen,” “Quill Pen,” or “Glitter Gel Pen.” It looks like “Aquamarine” is written in blue glitter pen, while both “Moonlit Swimming Pool” and “What If” appear to be written with black and blue fountain pens. And lastly, “All I Need Is You” looks to be written in black cursive with a quill.

Something that TikToker @aubriedl even noticed in “What If” is that it appears to be written in Harry Styles’ handwriting. Fans have been hoping for a Swift and Styles collab on 1989 (Taylor’s Version) since the two former flings still remain friends, and songs off 1989 are allegedly about the “As It Was” singer. While @aubriedl, who has two Styles tattoos written in his handwriting, was fully convinced it was him, these notes were actually lyrics from “Slut!”

Taylor’s 1989 Merch Store Getting Cloudier

There have been a few 1989 merch drops since August, and each one has been announced by Taylor Nation, Swift’s management team, with a video of items from the collection against a beach backdrop. After the latest collection, From The Vault, fans noticed that the sky in the background has been getting progressively cloudier. This fade from blue skies to black ones feeds into the blue and black double album theory, especially since it seems everything Swift does is intentional.

The theories are compelling enough that if you weren’t a believer before, you’re at least considering the idea of what two 1989 albums would look like. I’m secretly hoping for a Selena Gomez duet or a live version of “Bad Blood” featuring the “hey stop” from The Eras Tour. You know, a girl can dream.

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