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I went to the Taylor Swift 'Eras Tour' movie premiere, and here's what fans should know before going...
What Fans Should Know About Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie

So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment, and taste it... at an AMC theater near you.

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Swifties, the time has come: Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie is in theaters. That means you’ve got to break out your friendship bracelets, don some bejeweled ‘fits, and grab popcorn in an Eras Tour bucket, because this is our Avengers. To help you better prepare for the two-hour and 48-minute long masterpiece, here’s what fans should know about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie.

I attended the premiere in Los Angeles on Oct. 11 and am here to tell you that the Eras Tour movie is a cinematic event that felt like going to an actual show. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeing it in the largest theater in New York City or the single-screen venue in your hometown, Swifties will want to turn up and turn out. It’s as if we’ve all won the Great War against Ticketmaster, and are able to see the Eras Tour with ease — and without breaking the bank.

There are some slight differences between the movie and the live show, though, like changes to the set list and theater etiquette that fans will want to take note of before going. From what to wear to details to look out for, here’s how to get ready and ensure you have the best day.

Prepare For Set List Changes
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There’s only one major difference between the Eras Tour and Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie, and that’s the set list. The live show is over three hours long, and while Swifties would definitely pay to see every second of that, the film was made to run under those three hours. That means some sacrifices were made, and songs were cut.

Unfortunately, “The Archer,” “no body, no crime,” “Long Live,” “cardigan,” and “Wildest Dreams” didn’t make it into the movie. However, the studio version of “Long Live” does play over the end credits. While it’s upsetting to see some fan-favorite tracks disappear from the show, all the cut song choices make sense from a pacing standpoint to keep up the energy of the show. Since you’ll most likely be sitting in your seat versus dancing in the crowd, those little changes make a huge difference.

Make Sure To Feel The Vibe Of Your Theater

Watching the movie will transport you to the Eras Tour at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, and you may forget that you’re in a movie theater for a second. Just make sure to check the vibes of the room before you start cheering or dancing around. Some Swifties may want to sing and dance the entire time while others are more comfortable with a traditional movie experience of sitting down.

My theater was filled with Swifties dancing in their seats and singing along, but we didn’t really get up on our feet until the end of the show. However, I’ve seen Instagram Reels of other theaters at the premiere that had Swifties dancing in front of the screen. Before you start running around to “august” like you’re Swift on the Eras Tour stage, be sure to check in with your fellow theater-mates. You don’t want to accidentally ruin someone else’s experience.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time Before The Movie

You don’t have to arrive super early for the movie. There is no merch truck to wait in line for, but you will want to get there a little before showtime to grab snacks and go to the restroom. Some theaters will have souvenir popcorn buckets and reusable Eras Tour cups for sale, which are already a must for Swifties to add to their collection.

If you want to get your hands on either of these, I suggest getting there with plenty of time. Also, remember that AMC theaters usually show about 20 minutes of trailers, so add that to your pre-show time.

Interact With The Show Via Fan Chants
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There are ways to have fun whether you have a more chill theater or an energetic one, and that’s with fan chants. Yes, the Eras Tour fan chants live on through the movie — not every single one, though. Rest assured the “one, two, three, let’s go b*tch” before “Delicate” is still a must at the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie along with the double clap in “You Belong With Me” and hand heart in “Fearless.” However, a more obscure one like yelling “How’d that make you feel” in the 10-minute “All Too Well” is a skip.

One of my favorites was when my theater screamed Kendrick Lamar’s line in “Bad Blood.” It’s such a favorite among fans that Swift must know how important a Taylor’s version of “Bad Blood (Remix)” is — and that’s why I believe in the double-album theory for 1989 (Taylor’s Version) more than ever.

I also loved when my entire theater waved their hands back and forth during “You Need To Calm Down.” At that moment, I saw a room full of Swifties, including Swift’s family and band, just having fun.

Dress In Your Best Eras Tour ‘Fits

Best believe Swifties were bejeweled at the movie just as they were at the Eras Tour. I saw everything from fans wearing merch they bought, like the coveted blue crewneck, to homemade gowns inspired by the piano Swift plays during her acoustic surprise song set.

If you thought dressing up for the Barbie movie was fun, here’s your second chance to stun on your way to AMC. Just remember that you’ll most likely be sitting down, so wear something comfortable that won’t obstruct anyone’s view of the screen.

Keep An Eye Out For Details You May Have Missed At The Show

I’ve seen the Eras Tour five times live, but watching the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie was a brand new experience because you really do get a front-row seat. In fact, it’s even better than the VIP tickets, because, at times, you’re right on stage with Swift. Don’t worry, you still get a view of the stage and all the lights that make the show the spectacle it is, but you can also see details like all the themed mic stands for each era.

I had no idea the Lover era mic stand was pastel pink and blue with “lover” written in cursive on the side. Since I had mostly side views of the Eras Tour, the movie also gave me a chance to see inside the folklore cabin. Some other notable details include seeing Swift wearing her Red ring during “All Too Well” and the cracks in the stage during “Delicate.”

Swifties will especially get a kick out of all the adorable, baby girl facial expressions she makes during moments like “Style” and “Anti-Hero.” You also get a closer look at Swift’s dancers, who are killing it on stage with Mandy Moore’s choreography while providing moments of humor in “The Man” and sweetness in “Lover.”

The Movie Was Filmed At More Than 1 LA Show
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While the movie takes place in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium, they didn’t use just one show’s footage. This is evident during the surprise song acoustic set, where Swift sings “Our Song” on guitar and “You’re on Your Own, Kid” on piano.

These songs were performed at two different shows in LA, so if you attended the Eras Tour at SoFi, you may find yourself in the crowd no matter what date you went. I also noticed that songs were filmed on different dates by the chips in Swift’s Eras Tour manicure — another detail to keep an eye out for.

Be On The Lookout For Yourself In The Crowd

At the premiere, Swift shared with our theater, “You are a main character in this film” — and it’s true. There are several times that the camera cuts to Swifties in the crowd throughout the movie, so if you were at the LA shows, be sure to look for yourself. You never know, you could be able to add “starred in Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie” to your resume.

Revive Yourself With The Reputation Set

Every era is iconic, but reputation really stands out in the film. It starts with a giant CGI snake slithering through the crowd as Swift struts her stuff down the runway, and ends with Swift and all the old Taylors dancing to “Look What You Made Me Do.”

From top to bottom, the rep set will have you dancing in your seat and singing along. It definitely brought new life to the crowd in my theater, like taking a shot of tequila or drinking an espresso. Now, I’m even more excited about reputation (Taylor’s Version), which she teased in her Instagram caption promoting the Eras Tour movie.

Look Out For Kobe Bryant’s Daughter During The “22” Hat Moment

Fans know that during “22,” Swift hands off a signed black hat to one lucky person in the crowd. So, whose “22” hat moment made it to the final cut of the Eras Tour movie? Well, it’s none other than Kobe Bryant’s daughter, Bianka Bryant. The moment between Swift and Bianka as they hug on stage is one of the sweetest, and will make you want to cry all over again.

Watch The Credits Because The Errors Tour Lives On
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The show doesn’t end after Swift takes her bow and exits the stage at the end of “Karma.” There’s still more to watch during the credits. You’ll find a mix of footage captured at SoFi Stadium of fans cheering, showing off their ‘fits, and embracing, along with bloopers of Swift from various Eras Tour shows.

That’s right, the errors tour is part of the movie as well. You can see moments of Swift’s “Lavender Haze” dress getting caught in her jacket, wiping off a rain-covered piano, and getting her “Willow” coat caught on her head.

Stick Around Until The Very End For A Special Message From Swift

While this does feel like a Marvel film for Swifties, there’s no bonus scene with Samuel L. Jackson at the end. However, fans need to stick around for a special message from Swift. Written on friendship bracelet beads, Swift makes sure to let her fans know how much she cares and how the Eras Tour wouldn’t be what it is without all of us.

Be Sure To Bring Your Friendship Bracelets & Tissues

As far as things to bring to the Eras Tour movie, you don’t need a portable charger or light-up wristband. Instead, keep it simple with your basics like wallet and keys, but also bring along some friendship bracelets to trade with anyone in your theater or in the lobby.

Tissues are also a must, so if you forget those, be sure to grab some napkins from the concession stand. I found myself crying during a lot of the Lover and Fearless sets as well as during “marjorie” and “champagne problems.”

I’ve heard several Swifties say that this tour is their happy place, and I cannot agree more. It feels like a safe space for fans to come together, sing their favorite songs, and celebrate an artist they admire. It’s therapeutic in a way — and experiencing it on film is no different.