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Is Taylor Swift’s VIP Eras Tour Package Worth It? A Breakdown

The most expensive package is $899 — before tax and fees!


Raise your hand if you also blacked out while trying to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, because it was a trying time for every Swiftie out there. Not only was Ticketmaster’s virtual queue a mess, but once you finally got through it, you were also faced with one of the most stressful steps of the process: trying to actually secure your ticket. With tickets being snatched up left and right, you may have just bought whatever was available at the time. If that was a VIP ticket, you might be wondering now, is Taylor Swift’s VIP Eras tour package worth it? Let’s break it down.

First of all, VIP packages are nothing new for a Taylor Swift tour. For many artists, VIP packages include a meet and greet and merch, along with some of the best seats in the venue for the show. However, fans know that Swift is one of the few artists who doesn’t offer paid meet and greets. In order to meet her, you have to be chosen by someone from her team, like her mom, Taylor Nation, or even Swift herself. Since meeting Swift is not part of the package, it’s fair to wonder what could be worth hundreds of dollars — which is how much these VIP packages go for.

I was lucky enough to receive a VIP package to Swift’s Reputation tour for Christmas in 2017. Since it was a present, I didn’t personally spend the money on the package, but my sister made it very clear whether she thought it was worth the splurge. And while it may be too early to tell if the Eras tour VIP packages are really worth their price, it might help to know if Swift’s past VIP packages fall under the cop or drop category.

How Much Are Taylor Swift VIP Tickets For The Eras Tour?

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Before you can even consider whether or not Taylor Swift VIP tickets are worth it, you have to determine if they’re even in your budget. According to Variety, the VIP packages for The Eras Tour range from $199 to $899. That’s actually not that bad compared to the Reputation tour. For that, Ticket Crusader reports that VIP packages ranged from $495 to $895 and my sister and I had the $495 tickets — aka the “Kingdom Keys Package.”

That package included the following:

  • A seat in the lower bowl section of the stadium
  • A collectible box with an exclusive video message from Swift built in
  • A Reputation book with exclusive photos and poetry from Swift
  • An LED VIP tour laminate to wear to the show
  • A commemorative ticket with a display case
  • A reputation stadium tour patch
  • A copy of the Reputation CD

In comparison, the cheapest Eras tour package — “It's A Love Story Package” — for $199 includes:

  • A reserved seat
  • A special edition set of four Swift prints, and each set “contains a hand numbered print designed specifically for your show and city”
  • A commemorative Eras Tour VIP tote bag
  • A collectible Taylor Swift pin
  • A collectible Taylor Swift sticker
  • A collectible Taylor Swift postcard set
  • A souvenir concert ticket
  • An LED VIP tour laminate to wear to the show

It seems the two cheapest packages are comparable as far as merch goes, but with the Eras tour, you’re saving about $300. Keep in mind that the reserved seat doesn’t specify where you’ll be watching from, though, so you may not be getting the best seat in the house. For the Reputation tour, we had lower bowl section seats. While we were close to the stage, the actual layout of the stage, an X shape, made it kind of hard to see everything happening on the other side. In fact, you probably had a better view further back in the stadium towards the center than off to one of the sides.

The Reputation stage definitely played a major part in whether or not the VIP package was worth it for me. Since we could only see half the stage, my sister claimed our seats were bad — especially for $500 a person.

What’s Included In The Other Taylor Swift VIP Packages For The Eras Tour?

It seems that the cheapest Eras tour VIP package is actually a better deal than the Reputation one, but let’s check out the other packages. While prices weren’t listed on Ticketmaster prior to the sale, one fan shared on Twitter that the next package up was the “...ready for it Package” at $449, followed by the “I Remember It All Too Well Package” at $559. That’s a significant increase from $199 and the only difference is you get an “amazing reserved seated ticket” for “...ready for it” and an “incredible” seat for “I Remember It All To Well,” compared to just an “excellent” one for “It's A Love Story.” The “I Remember It All Too Well” is probably closer to what my sister bought for Reputation, but it costs about $64 more.

The next tier of Taylor Swift VIP tickets include floor seats as well as VIP priority check-in and a VIP entrance at the stadium. You also have access to a VIP merch booth that is supposed to be crowd-free. The cheaper of the two is the “Karma Is My Boyfriend Package” at $749, and the most expensive is the “It's Been A Long Time Coming Package” at $899. You’re also not factoring in Ticketmaster’s fees and taxes, which can make some of these tickets closer to $1000 each.

Considering you only get priority access and no additional merch for these top two VIP packages, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. You’re really paying hundreds of dollars just to get floor seats. Depending on where you’re located on the floor, it can make a huge difference, and you better hope you’re not standing behind someone taller than you. That’s why I personally prefer something like lower bowl, but keep in mind that the configuration of Swift’s stage really plays a role in whether those seats are worth it.

Rachel Chapman

I’m also someone who just recently realized there was a Reputation book at the bottom of my VIP package box, so I clearly was in it for the seats rather than the merch. As long as I’m there to see the Eras tour, I don’t care where I sit. In fact, considering Ticketmaster canceled the public sale to Swift’s Eras tour, I’m just happy to be anywhere in the stadium.

This time around, I even got the last row at SoFi Stadium and off to the side, meaning I’ll be so far away from Swift that I’ll need binoculars just to see the screens down below. However, to me, that’s worth it. Knowing that so many fellow Swifties were unable to get tickets, I’m grateful to be going.

Are Taylor Swift’s VIP Eras Tour Packages Worth It?

Rachel Chapman

Ultimately, I don’t think anyone should have to spend close to $1000 to see a concert. The collectible merch is exciting, but nothing to write home about. Many Swifties told me they didn’t know about the hidden Reputation book at the bottom of their VIP package, and some people even said they donated theirs after it collected dust in their rooms for years.

If you’re sentimental, you may enjoy having a commemorative ticket and exclusive photos, but to me, it’s just not worth going into debt over. If you happened to snag the “It's A Love Story Package,” I think you got the best VIP package deal with all the merch. Anyone with the most expensive “It's Been A Long Time Coming Package” may be paying that off for a long time, but I — and probably many other Swifties — will definitely be watching your concert footage on TikTok after the show.