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Swifties who plan on Taylorgating at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour need to know what to bring like suns...
Swifties, Here’s What To Bring Taylor-Gating On The Eras Tour

No tickets? No problem.

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Swifties are some are the smartest fans, known for their ability to decipher easter eggs in music videos. They use their clever skills to DIY genius Eras Tour outfits and even find free ways to see Taylor Swift shows by volunteering. For fans unable to find last-minute tickets, though, they’ve been tailgating — or Taylor-gating — in order to enjoy the Eras Tour in their city. If you’re wondering what Taylor-gating is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Fans are picnicking outside of stadiums for free listening parties when they can’t get their hands on tickets. To have an enchanting time in the parking lot, here’s everything you need to bring Taylor-gating on the Eras Tour.

Just a month into the Eras Tour, fans started realizing they could enjoy the concert from outside the venue. In April, TikToker @liljessmo shared a video from night one of Swift’s shows in Tampa saying that fans could see and hear everything for free from a picnic blanket outside. The TikTok started trending, and by night two, several other fans had joined in. From there, #TaylorGating has seen thousands of fans coming together outside of stadiums. While some venues, like MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, have prevented tailgating from happening, most places are cool as long as Swifties are safely following the rules.

With the popularity of Taylor-gating in the U.S. and how difficult it’s been for international Swifties to get their hands on tickets overseas, it’s likely that the trend will continue into 2024. Here’s a list of things you need to bring to the Eras Tour to make tailgating outside as fun (and comfortable) as possible.

Find A Spot To Camp Out With A Picnic Blanket

Spending thousands of dollars on a resale Eras Tour ticket may be out of the question, but spending a little on parking at the venue is much more in budget and will help you secure a spot to Taylor-gate outside. If not, you’ll need a picnic blanket for a cozy area to watch (or just listen to) the show.

Prepare For Whatever Weather With The Right Jacket

Many of Swift’s shows this summer have had rain. Other places get really cold at night, so make sure to bring everything you need for the weather outside. As Swift sings in “Last Kiss,” you may not be able to plan on someone changing their mind, but “you can plan for a change in the weather.” For any cold temps or rain, pack a lightweight jacket.

Get In The Groove With A Pair Of Speakers

Pregame for the show by listening to Swift’s music in the parking lot. Bring along some wireless speakers that you can connect your phone to via bluetooth. These waterproof speakers from Sonos are perfect for Taylor-gating outdoors, and come in so many colors. You could even get a speaker to match your fave Swift era.

Pack Some Snacks To Keep You Going With A Cooler

Every tailgating experience needs a cooler for your food. Since you won’t have the concession stands inside to go to when you’re feeling parched or hungry, bring your own. This cooler from Igloo comes in different colors to match your Swift era, and the blush pink is great for anyone channeling Lover.

Apply Enough Sunscreen To Protect Yourself From The Cruel Summer Sun

Since you’ll be out in the sun, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected with enough SPF. Supergoop! is a great choice. The Unseen Sunscreen goes on invisible, so you won’t have to worry about a white cast messing with your Eras Tour makeup lewk.

Match Your Fave Era With The Right Sunglasses

Another essential for the sun are sunglasses. Any shades will work, but if you have time, find a pair that matches your Eras Tour ‘fit. These pink hearts are great for the Lover era, but red heart glasses are straight out of the “22” music video from the Red era.

Last Through All The Eras With A Portable Charger

The show is over three hours long, so you’ll definitely want to be prepared with a backup power bank to keep your phone going. Even if you charge your phone to 100% before you leave, you can’t guarantee it’ll last you through all the eras if you’re taking photos and videos the whole time. Luckily, Swift has a portable charger as part of her Eras Tour merch that you can buy online before the show.

Clean Up After Yourself With A Pop-Up Trash Bin

While there may be trash cans in the parking lot you can use, it’s best to be prepared with your own bags to clean up after yourself. Swifties should do their part to leave the stadium as gorgeous as it was before they got there. A regular trash bag will do, but if you want an aesthetically pleasing Taylor-gating spot, bring this pop-up trash bin from Party City. It’s in its Lover era.

Relax When You’re Not Shaking It Off With Some Lawn Chairs

Leading up to the show, rest your feet by bringing your own lawn chair. If you have a chair, you can also sit down during the transitions between eras when everyone else inside the stadium is also resting. This will just make sure that you’re not too tired to dance and shake it off the entire show when Swift is on stage.

Stay Cool With A Hand Fan

It’s been a cruel summer as far as temperature goes, so staying cool is essential. Since the international leg of Swift’s tour will also be taking place in the summer months, Swifties overseas will want to be prepared for the heat with their own fan as well. Any fan will do, but this handheld one is rechargeable and tiny enough to fit in your bag.

Keep Yourself Entertained Ahead Of The Show With Some Games

You might want to arrive early to the venue just to secure the best spot for Taylor-gating. Since you’ll be there before Swift hits the stage, keep yourself entertained by bringing some cards and games. Speak Now Swifties can bring along their Taylor’s Version deck.

Hydrate With A Swiftie-Themed Water Bottle

Another summertime essential for being outside all day Taylor-gating is a water bottle. Staying hydrated is super important, so pack a large bottle that will last you. This one from Swift’s merch line is 32 ounces. You can also store some extra waters and drinks in your cooler.

Trade Friendship Bracelets With Your Fellow Swifties

Even if you’re not going into the stadium, you can still trade friendship bracelets with your fellow Swifties outside. The exchanging of friendship bracelets has been the cutest Eras Tour tradition, so you definitely want to be a part of it. After all, Swift says, “Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.”

Have Some Sanitizer On Hand, Just In Case

You most likely won’t have access to restrooms at the stadium, but some places have had porta potties outside in the parking lot. Francis Dominic, who went Taylor-gating in Seattle, said that there were porta potties for Swifties tailgating the show. While it’s nice to have these portable restrooms for your use, you should still be extra prepared with some hand sanitizer and maybe even tissues.

Bring Some Money For The Merch Trucks In The Parking Lot

Since the Eras Tour trucks have been parked outside the venue at most cities on the tour, you’ll have access to the merch while you wait for the show. Unlike the Swifties inside who have to rush to their seats, you won’t feel that pressure and can stay in line for the coveted blue Eras Tour crewneck. Just make sure to bring your card, since it’s most likely cashless. However, any food trucks around the venue catering to Taylor-gating Swifties might only take cash, so it’s best to be prepared for either situation.