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Here's everything fans need to know about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour merch in 2024.

Your Guide To Getting Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch In 2024

The blue crewneck is more $$$ in Europe.

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With the international leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in full swing, the quest for copping the viral blue crewneck has officially begun again. Basically, “look what you made me do” has a whole new meaning as Swifties are braving long lines to get their hands on merch like Eras Tour tees and hoodies.

Some of these lines have been almost as long as Swift’s 45-song setlist, so to help with demand, Eras Tour merch trucks and stands have been opening up days before the “Fortnight” singer takes the stage in each city. Going early is the best opportunity for Swifties to get exclusive items before they sell out. And according to TikToker @jizellemaia, once an item, like the viral blue crewneck, sells out in your city, they are not restocking.

To give you an idea of how popular some Eras Tour merch is, the $65 blue Eras Tour sweatshirt was so popular in 2023 that resellers were listing it for over $400 online. After everything fans have already had to deal with just trying to get tickets to The Eras Tour, there should be no bad blood getting merch as well. To avoid your day going down in flames, here’s how to make the most of your time at The Eras Tour, figure out which merch items are worth getting, and know what’s new in 2024.

You Can Usually Find Eras Tour Merch Days Before Your Show


“Take advantage of early merch” is one of @jizellemaia’s top tips for the Eras Tour, as everything is only available while supplies last. Times may vary from city to city, so your best bet is to keep an eye on X, TikTok, or your stadium’s website for any updates. The merch truck in Paris opened two days before the first show at the París La Défense Arena on May 9.

Since Eras Tour merch is typically found outside the venue, you don’t need a ticket to the show in order to shop. Select items will also be available inside for ticket holders the day of the show, but not every booth may have what you’re looking for if supplies are running low. I attended the second show in Las Vegas, and the merch table I went to inside the stadium wasn’t carrying the blue crewneck or even the show poster that’s exclusive to each city.

International Eras Tour Prices Are Relatively The Same — Except The Blue Crewneck


Before going to the Eras Tour merch truck or booth, here is a breakdown of the prices to see if it’s in your budget. Just know that some items are different from U.S. prices, based on international conversion rates:

  • Hoodies — $86
  • Crewneck — $81
  • Quarter Zip Pullover — $81
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt — $54
  • T-Shirts — $49
  • Tank — $40
  • Canvas Tapestry — $32
  • Bracelet — $38
  • Show Poster — $27
  • Tote Bag — $32
  • Water Bottle — $27
  • Glow Baton — $15
  • Towel — $17

While prices appear to be almost the same internationally as they were in the U.S., the viral blue crewneck is going to cost you more this year than it did in 2023. When Swift was touring the U.S., the trendy sweatshirt was just $65, but now it’s listed for €75 in Paris. With currency conversion, that’s closer to $81. When being a Swiftie is already so expensive, it’s unfortunate you now have to spend an extra $16 for the most prized Eras Tour swag.

The International Leg Has New Eras Tour Merch


While most of the Eras Tour merch for 2024 looks to be about the same — minus the change in city names and year — there are a few new items that Swifties peeped in @weeenameco’s TikTok. The first is a brand-new Eras Tour tote bag. Instead of a black tote bag with a colorful Eras Tour logo and the names of the U.S. tour cities, this international version is cream with a black logo on the front and the international cities on the back.

The second new item is a $17 Eras Tour towel that one fan on X, formerly Twitter, has already said they need “so bad.” It appears to be thin, so it’s not something you’d want to take with you to lounge on at the beach. However, it looks like it might not be available at all international shows since it doesn’t appear in TikToker @zozomccormack’s Eras Tour merch vlog.

There’s New Eras Tour Merch Online With TTPD Included

After Swift’s first show in Paris on May 9, she added new Eras Tour merch to her online store with the addition of The Tortured Poets Department. Now that TTPD is officially a part of the setlist, it deserves a spot in the iconic Eras Tour logo.

In the lineup of 2024 Eras Tour items, there’s even a blue hoodie that looks just like the exclusive crewneck. It’s slightly cheaper than the sweatshirt version and easier to shop since you don’t even have to leave your couch to make a purchase.

If you really want the crewneck version, though, you could look for Eras Tour merch dupes on Etsy. Since anyone can go to these stands and most of these items have been available for over a year, it kind of takes away the exclusivity anyway.

This slight fade is related to the product’s distressed, vintage look.

Also, Swifties have expressed their disappointment in the quality of the merch before. One specific design, featuring photos of Swift from different phases of her career on items like the aforementioned tote bag, has been known to fade. Swift’s team has come out saying this is an intentional style choice. “This slight fade is related to the product’s distressed, vintage look,” read a statement on Swift’s official online store.


Their statement also called out how fans should care for the items post-purchase, adding, “Please also note it is important to follow product care instructions as listed on the product label when washing and drying your items, to best protect and maintain the product’s look and feel.”

Ultimately, if you just want something to say, “I was there,” finding some of the less popular tour-exclusive items like the water bottle are much easier the day of your show. When I went to the Eras Tour, I only waited about 20 minutes at a booth right past security and was able to get the water bottle, baton, and shirt I wanted. Another booth around the corner had a much shorter line with the tote bag and show poster. There was also a main merch table right inside the stadium that still had everything.

Tips For Getting The Eras Tour Merch You Really Want


If popular merch items are a priority for you, I recommend showing up early when doors open and trying to get to the main table inside ASAP rather than waiting hours for the truck or booth outside. You can avoid some of the warm weather by going inside the venue, but remember to bring Eras Tour essentials with you if you do plan to camp out.

For anyone waiting for the merch outside, try to show up as early as possible to give yourself the best chance of getting what you want before it sells out. Be sure to check the inventory before stepping in line as well. They tend to run out of certain sizes early, and you don’t want to get to the front only to realize they don’t have what you need anymore.

If you do get the wrong size and you find another merch table that has the right one, Jordan Walker (@fairytaleswift) told Elite Daily that it’s possible to exchange. “We went to another [table] and they simply swapped sizes, so that was great,” she shared. Just give yourself plenty of time before the show to get all the merch you want. Swift’s set has been starting around 8 p.m., so you have from doors open till then to make all the purchases you need.

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