Elite Daily Newsletter: January 12, 2022

Selena Gomez is back on Instagram, Amanda Seyfried is working on a "secret" musical, & more.

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The Former Queen Of Instagram Is Back On Instagram

Celebs, they're just like us! They delete social media apps for a variety of reasons, and end up coming back eventually. True, Selena Gomez was off IG for five years, so her restraint really is one for the books. I deleted TikTok for the month of January, and I already miss it! Anyway, Selena's first post after her hiatus is casual and sweet — you know, peak Selena vibes. READ MORE

Amanda Seyfried's "Secret" Musical Has Twitter In A Meltdown

Amanda Seyfried won the Golden Globe for her portrayal of Elizabeth Holmes in the Hulu biographical drama The Dropout, but she was not there to accept the award in person. Instead, the presenters announced: “Amanda Seyfried is deep in the process of creating a new musical and could not be here.” Naturally, Twitter exploded with theories about what musical Seyfried could be working on. READ MORE


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What's A Karmic Relationship, Exactly?

You fall fast and hard for a new person. Sparks are flying. You instantly feel like you've known each other forever and want to spend every waking minute with them because they get you like no one else does. You think this new romantic flame is The One. Yet, it may be a karmic relationship instead. READ MORE

We Need To Talk About Austin Butler's Elvis Voice

Sometimes, an actor's dedication to nailing their provocative roles are intense, and it can have a lasting impact after filming. This seems to be the case for Austin Butler, who has been stuck doing his Elvis Presley voice for more than a year. Yes, for that long. While appearing at the 2023 Golden Globes, his husky accent was still on display, and fans have questions. READ MORE


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