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A happy woman may want to know what the lucky girl syndrome from TikTok is.

What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome On TikTok? Here's How To Manifest It

As Britney Spears once said, “She’s so lucky.”

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Scrolling through your FYP, chances are high that you’ll see creators talking about “lucky girl syndrome.” Even if you have stumbled upon a TikTok or two talking about the concept, you may still be wondering what the lucky girl syndrome is, and how it actually works. ICYMI, the idea of lucky girl syndrome really popped off after TikToker @skzzolno shared a video of her and a friend sitting in their car, eating noodles, and talking about this experiment that they ran during college. Apparently, lucky girl syndrome changed their lives for the better.

The idea of quickly manifesting luck is a concept anyone would want to try, right? Similar to the popularity of “get rich quick schemes,” people are always looking for fast ways to improve their life. With a new year, manifestation is also at an all-time high right now. Settling on a New Year’s resolution is basically like manifesting and setting a goal for you to check off at some point this year. You may be starting the year with a manifestation journal or sticking to some affirmations for 2023. To embrace the viral lucky girl syndrome, you may want to include some lucky girl affirmations to that list. However, you’ll first need to fully understand what the lucky girl syndrome is and how to practice it.

What Is The Lucky Girl Syndrome?


Wellbeing mentor and TikToker @jodie.melissa explains it best: lucky girl syndrome is “basically getting into the mindset and believing that you’re really lucky.” It’s a “manifestation hack” that anyone willing to try can do, and @jodie.melissa says that most people will “see some benefit from” it. Of course, just saying that you’re lucky isn’t enough to practice lucky girl syndrome. You have to really take on the affirmations and believe in lucky girl syndrome.

TikToker @ms.adisa delved into the thinking behind lucky girl syndrome, stating, “Your subconscious mind is literally a goal-oriented mechanism.” She clarifies, “The sole purpose of the subconscious mind is to hit the target that you set for it consciously.” That means, if you’re saying every day that you’re lucky, your subconscious mind will help you achieve that goal by steering you in the direction of making “smarter and better decisions.” Even if you’re feeling unlucky right now, using lucky girl affirmations will point you into a more positive thinking direction and cause you to appreciate the good and focus on the wins.

Elite Daily spoke with Amanda Cassil, PhD, a clinical psychologist who is the founder of STEM Psychological Services and the author of The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person, who went further into this. Cassil emphasized, “It’s important to clarify that there is no scientific evidence that affirmations change reality.” That being said, she added, “what we know from Cognitive Behavioral research is that when you change how you think about something, it changes how you feel. This is called cognitive reframing and it has been shown to help with anxiety and depression.”

TikToker @kaitlinvillatoro, who has “Lucky Girl Lifestyle” in her profile, says that the lucky girl syndrome is “a game to play with your mind” that you need to practice. She also says, “January is the perfect time to experiment with lucky girl syndrome.” You’re already setting up goals for the year, so why not add luck to the list?

How To Practice Lucky Girl Syndrome

One of the easiest ways to practice lucky girl syndrome is to adopt some affirmations into your daily routine. Cassil says, “If affirmations help you feel better, it is likely they are helping you interpret your reality in a more positive light (rather than causing good things to happen). And if you feel better, you tend to act differently than when you feel badly.”

To practice, you can start each morning by saying some lucky girl affirmations to yourself or jotting them down in your manifestation journal. While saying things like “I’m so lucky” or “everything works out for me” are a great start, TikToker Lindsay Adkinson (@lindsay.adkinson) has five creative lucky girl affirmations that you can adopt as well. They are:

  1. “I’m on a winning streak”
  2. “The universe has my back.”
  3. “This is for my higher good.”
  4. “I am whole and enough.”
  5. “I deserve my dreams simply because I exist.”

Adkinson suggests putting one of these on a post-it note to place on your mirror, so you can see it each morning when you’re getting ready. These affirmations are also good to say to yourself whenever something good happens, so you really get into the mindset of being a lucky girl. However, you still want to actively work towards your goals. The lucky girl syndrome isn’t going to magically make you win the lottery. You still have to make the effort of at least going out and buying the ticket.

As Cassil mentions, the lucky girl syndrome “can feel like a domino effect of good ‘manifesting’ out of your thoughts, but attributing this to magical thinking undercuts the work you are putting into building healthier thought patterns.” Some suggestions she has for “building healthier thought patterns” includes “practicing compassion toward yourself and others, knowing when and how to let things go that bother you, [and] finding contentment and joy with what you already have.”

While practicing lucky girl syndrome, you may still run into “unlucky” situations where you’re caught in the rain or spill coffee on your brand new sweater, but Adkinson says these are the moments you should assure yourself that these instances are for your “higher good.” It’s a good opportunity to reaffirm to yourself that the universe has your back and though it may not be the greatest outcome, it’s leading you to something better.

Is The Lucky Girl Syndrome Real?

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As mentioned, the lucky girl syndrome isn’t a magical fix to all your problems. It’s simply a way to get yourself into a more positive thinking headspace. It’s allowing you to see the glass half full and focus on the good things, so you appreciate what you have and feel lucky.

As the lucky girl syndrome trend rises on TikTok, there are some people calling it out as more privilege than luck like TikToker @builtlike_atree, who says that the lucky girl syndrome is just pretty privilege. While privilege majorly affects how some people are treated and the opportunities that are given to certain individuals — for example, nepo babies — you can’t dismiss the power of positive thinking. Focusing on the good while also actively working towards your goals can lead to some amazing opportunities. Sure, others can equate those opportunities to being lucky, but you know there’s so much more to the lucky girl syndrome than that.

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