11 Selena Gomez Pics That Prove She'll Always Be Queen Of Instagram

by Eitan Levine

All hail the queen of Instagram: Selena Gomez.

This isn't a new hot take or anything like that. Chances are, if you have an Instagram account you probably follow the 24-year-old pop culture icon and social media staple.

If you don't, I have nothing else to say to you. Please leave this article. I'll wait.

Are they gone yet?

Good. Those buttholes suck and deserve zero joy in their lives.

Selena recently passed a new milestone on the quest to defend her title as most followed person on the picture sharing platform when she hit the 110 million follower mark.

In honor of the moment, she posted the following shot to her Instagram, thanking her fans for helping her reach this e-milestone.

In the post she wrote,

Thank you fam for 110. I promise I will continue to cherish my platform and speaking truth but more importantly, each and every one of you have changed my life. I'm very grateful.

We've decided to take the moment to celebrate you, Selena (AND I KNOW YOU READ MY ARTICLES, GURL!). You're a shining #light in these dark, dark times.

Here are a few times you reminded us why you were the ruler of Instagram.

1. There was the time you were totally casual when you sat next to Anna Wintour.

2. There was the time you showed us how a real pro drinks coffee in front of a quaint house.

3. So this is pretty ominous.

4. PIZZA?!?! AT AN AWARD SHOW?!?! You cray.

5. Who can forget the time you showed us this Shia Labeouf-looking MOFO (who may actually be Shia LaBeouf).


7. Putting the "DAYUMMMMM" into "I have to go to the dayummmmm doctor today."


9. Iced coffee sales SKYROCKETED after this pic...I assume.

10. THIS is how you TBT.

11. And th.... oh sweet Christ who is this sex wizard?

Here's to you, Seleneer!