On Jan. 9, Victoria Beckham seemingly put an end to her and Nicola Peltz's rumored feud by sharing a...

Victoria Beckham & Nicola Peltz's Rumored Feud Is Evidently Over

This IG was pretty unexpected.

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On Monday, Jan. 9, Victoria Beckham seemingly shut down rumors that she and her daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz Beckham, are feuding by sharing a rare picture with her for her 28th birthday. “Happy Birthday @NicolaAnnePeltzBeckham 💗 Hope you have a lovely day!!! X,” the Spice Girls star wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of the two laughing after having dinner together.

Nicola shared nothing but love back. “Thank you so much! 💖💖💖,” she commented.

David Beckham also posted two photos of Nicola for her birthday on his Instagram Story. The first photo showed the Bates Motel actor covering her face with a leaf, and the second was of Nicola and her husband, Brooklyn Beckham, who is Victoria and David’s oldest son. “Happy Birthday 💛 Have a lovely day @nicolaannepeltzbeckham,” the soccer star wrote.

The couple’s Instagram posts for Nicola arrive amid rumors there’s drama between her and Victoria. According to the Daily Mail, the rumors all had to do with Nicola and Brooklyn’s wedding, which was held in Palm Beach, Florida in April 2022. A source told the publication that “the wedding was all about the Peltz family” and it “felt as if the Beckhams were not at the forefront.” On top of that, there was speculation Nicola’s decision to wear a Valentino wedding dress instead of one designed by Victoria could have caused a rift between them.

In a 2022 interview with Variety, Nicola said she was going to wear a dress made by her mother-in-law, but it just didn’t work out. “I was going to and I really wanted to, and then a few months down the line, she realized that her atelier couldn’t do it, so then I had to pick another dress,” Nicola explained. “She didn’t say you can’t wear it; I didn’t say I didn’t want to wear it. That’s where it started, and then they ran with that.”

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Brooklyn also denied there’s any family drama. “I’ve learned they’re always going to try to write stuff like that. They’re always going to try and put people down,” he told Variety. “But everyone gets along, which is good.”